Picture borrowed from http://www.arkinspace.com/2010/03/lazy-lion.html

I’m not sure if it’s wanton laziness or just avoidance, but I have made little progress in my story these past two weeks. It’s just sat there and simmered. I have at least mulled things over in my head and tossed about potential struggles that the characters have to push against, but I have yet to write them.

I also mistakenly started on another story very much unlike the current A to Z story. It has potential and could be fun, but it’s a “short” that’s turning into a “long”. The result is that I’m quickly coming up at a point where maintaining my schedule may be difficult. I will have to buckle down and make some time for the creativity to flow and I have to do it soon.

Obviously these are self imposed deadlines and they won’t affect my personal or professional life at all, but breaking self imposed deadlines really sucks your motivation away. I just hate feeling….#lazy.


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