Truth #4

Do you still think about your first love?

This question is easy to answer. Yes.

Who doesn’t though?

Now there is a caveat to the answer and one also for the feeling. Everyone’s first love, at least while you’re feeling it, is the best, the deepest, the strongest, the most memorable. Then you mature and a few years after that whole teenage romance expires you feel a little bit of shame for the silliness you put yourself, your friends, and your family though. Was it ever love at all?

We find our path when we find our first love, but goodness we can’t walk straight to save our lives. A first love is full of silly petty arguments and odd reasoning that we’ve cobbled together. We blend a mix of behaviors; from how our friends who are couples interact, with how our parents interact with a dash of behavior gleaned from romantic comedies that we’ve seen on basic cable. It’s embarrassing, childish, and stupid, but we have to go through it so we can grow as individuals.

So yes, I remember my first love. Was she the deepest, strongest love I’ve ever felt? No, definitely not, but at the time I thought I’d die if I was separated from her. From time to time I’ll scour the internet for information on her as curiosity gets the better of me and I wonder “Where is she now?” The answer to that, which funny enough I found just recently, is that she’s married with a child, and one on the way. She still has that ridiculously large smile that I was enthralled with when we were together and she looks happy. I couldn’t wish for anything more.

5 thoughts on “Truth #4

  1. I remained in love with my first love for more than ten years after we split up. It was intense, and I couldn’t shake it… And then I did.

    Funnily, it was once I’d broken up with my most recent ex that I also got over my first love. And then – his girlfriend invited me to participate in a threesome with them. Which of course I did. 🙂


  2. I’m with you. I remember my first love but know now that it wasn’t really love. ah to be young ago and also have wisdom. however, that might take the fun out of it. Let’s be honest, we all need those embarrassing memories so we can grow and hopefully become better.


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