Secret Love

08 09 2012 017
If you had any idea how many nights and waking days I’ve dreamt about you. The feel of your skin on mine. The soft silky wrapping of your beautiful body. Every subtle curve. Every special scent unique to only you.
The way you hold your head. The way you toss your hair. You intoxicate me. You drive me wild. I long to kiss those lips. To look deep into your eyes and peer into your very soul. I want to whisper into your ear all the things I would do for you, all the things I would do with you, and all the things I would do to you.
To make you shiver. To make you gasp in excitement. I want you to close your eyes and think of me. I want you to lose your train of thought because you’re reminded of me. I want your body to ache for me like an addict longs for the needle. So when I come to visit, and we finally have our time together; there will be no questions, no need for blind trepidation.
You will be pulled to me by sexual gravity. You’ll hold me tight against your body. You’ll feel my strength exude from every pore. You’ll feel my fingers dance across your body knowing every secret special spot to touch. You’ll feel my lips run down your neck. You’ll feel my tongue slither across your breasts and beyond. You’ll hold me tight as you shake and shudder. You’ll gasp. You’ll moan. You’ll squirm and ache for more. You’ll look into my eyes and melt in my arms as I carry you away to a new reality.
See you soon.

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