Departure from the Norm

So this week’s episode, and likely the next couple to follow, I’ve made a slight departure from the sex laden debauchery of the first five episodes. This is my first foray into writing something that could possibly be worth while to publish. As much as it’s enormously fun to write purely fantasies if I don’t establish the characters no one is going to care about them. My goal is to investigate some issues that I have running around in my head. Explore them through writing. Explore them through the characters. I want to ensure that you really care about what’s happening, why it’s happening, how they got there, and what the future holds for them. 

I’m desperately afraid, however, that this sort of writing could be beyond what I’m capable of accomplishing. I don’t want pander. I don’t want coddling. I want to know, for those of you that have read the previous episodes, whether or not the latest episode is a step in the right direction. I want to know if you think my theory is sound. That if I am able to establish who these people are you’ll care more and want to know more about them. 

So, if you could….please tell me what you think.


4 thoughts on “Departure from the Norm

  1. Is there a link to the one you want comments on? I’m sorry, I’m only on my second cup of tea this morning and my brain isn’t fully functioning yet.


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