Truth #1

Of course this would happen with the inaugural run of this concept. There was a four way tie with the questions on the poll between: What’s my favorite color , What’s my favorite animal, What’s my favorite subject in school, and What is my age.

As I stated before, in the case of ties I will decide which is the most interesting to reveal. As such, come Monday I will post the most riveting sensational piece of exposé on myself…..revealing….my favorite animal. *insert sigh here*

Hopefully next week this goes a little better. I’ll create a new poll and trust that there will not be yet another 4 way….or 5 way tie.

My Favorite Animal

The reason I chose favorite animal out of the four way tie is because in my mind it is most interesting. What a person’s favorite animal is can definitely say a lot about them. The choice speaks to the personality and traits that you may see in yourself or wish to see in yourself.

My favorite animal is the majestic, the amazing, the incredibly endangered, Cheetah.

For as long as I can remember having a favorite animal, it’s always been the Cheetah. I admire it’s speed, it’s grace, the power and the stealth. While everyone else is ooh’ing and ahh’ing the big maned lion, the velocity and elegance of the Cheetah inspired me. What that says about my personality or who I am, I’m not entirely sure. But it’s my favorite animal, and that’s your fact for this week. =)

Please remember to vote for the next fact on the sidebar poll!


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