the Breakup Man – Satisfaction Guaranteed

I run a tight ship and an outstanding service.

I am……the break up man.

May23 033

“It’s quite simple.” I say to you over the phone. “If he treated you like shit, he deserves to be treated like that back.”

“I know” you sniffle, “I know. Really I do. But part of me…..part of me….liked it.” you admit to me through the sobs.

“You liked it?”

“I know it doesn’t make sense, but…sometimes….I like…being dominated.”

“I see. Well…it’s still on for tonight.”

“Ok….ok…I’ll….I’ll be ready then.” you stammer, quite obviously lying.

“I’ll see you in a few hours.”

Putting down the phone I go about getting ready for tonight. I shower, shave, and take care to ensure that I look good and smell even better. My service doesn’t really have repeat customers but I only gain clients through word of mouth. It’s a tough job, but in a lot of cases, it can be quite rewarding. Tonight was likely to be a rewarding night.

You had been under the thumb of a domineering tool of a man. He belittled you and put you down at every opportunity. He cheated on you several times and yet you could not help but take him back each and every time. It was clear that the relationship was heading for destruction but it was also quite clear that it would be you that took the brunt of that explosive charge. On the instruction of a friend, a former client of mine, you somehow found the courage to call me and set up an appointment. My job was quite simple. It was to prove to you that you could have better, and simultaneously make it nearly impossible for such an egomaniac as your boyfriend was to ever take you back. Thus, alleviating you of the opportunity to take him back.

After ensuring that everything was in it’s proper place I jumped into my car and made my way over to your place. Your boyfriend was out tonight as he is every Friday. He claims it to be a poker night, but more often than not poker night was cancelled and it was replaced with getting drunk with strippers and former girlfriends night. On poker nights that actually involved poker he wouldn’t be back till 1am. On poker nights that involved poking; well he may not even return till morning. This gave me ample time to enact my predetermined game plan. This new information that you gave me though will be fun to through into the mix. You like being dominated you say? Well now, let’s have fun with that shall we?

With a light rap at the door I let you know I’ve arrived. You quickly primp yourself one last time at the front hall mirror and then open the door and greet me. To your relief I am just as handsome as your friend insisted I was. To my relief, you’re just as cute as your voice sounded on the phone. I’m a professional of course, but it always makes the job easier when the client is attractive. “Nice to meet you” I say with a casual smile and an outstretched hand.

“Nice to meet you too.” you take my hand and shake it once trying desperately to hide your complete lack of confidence.

“You’re prettier than your friend gave you credit for.” I state cooly as I walk into the house.

“Oh…oh..uh…thank you….you’re pretty decent yourself.” you stutter awkwardly following me nervously as I walk slowly down the hall.

Picking up a picture of you and your boyfriend I remark, “So this is him?” raising my eyebrow in disapproval as I turn to meet your gaze.

“Yes,” you reply in shame taking the picture from me and placing it back in it’s place.

“Would you like some wine?” I ask, showing you the bottle in my other hand.

“Oh god yes!” you blurt and chuckle at your nervousness.

Taking the bottle from my hand you lead me to the kitchen. Then you grab to glasses and place them on the island. Taking the corkscrew from you I expertly pop the cork from the wine and dutifully fill your glass, then mine. “To new beginnings.” I say, raising the glass to which you raise yours and clink it loudly, “New beginnings” you mutter and quickly gulp down the entire glass, then grab the bottle and quickly fill your glass again. I smile to myself. Getting you out of your shell will be quite fun indeed.

After a few glasses of wine your attitude completely changed. You no longer looked nervous and fearful, but instead were on a tirade of all the reasons why you should have left your boyfriend years ago. How many women that he’s been with while you were together that you knew of, and how many he had been with that you didn’t. You ended the long winded rant with the clear statement, “And that’s why. That’s why you’re here.”

“I’m here to do what?” I egg you on.

“You’re here…..” you pause for a moment, “You’re here to fuck me!” you shout. “Ya…that’s right I said it!” you shout again, “You’re here to fuck me. Now let’s get going. Times a wasting!” slamming down your glass and standing up abruptly. The sudden rush makes you lose your balance and I find myself as I usually do, catching yet another client before they can crash into the floor. “Ohhh, you’re strong.” you stammer, feeling at my back and shoulders. I look into your eyes with evil intent and then throw you over my shoulder and saunter off to your living room. “The….the bedroom is that way!” you exclaim in confusion but I continue on my way. Once there I roughly toss you onto the couch. You bounce once and then sit stunned. Your head cocked to one side as you realize you’re sitting at eye level with my crotch. “Mmmm…nevermind about the bedroom…this is good too” you stutter.

I unzip my fly and fish out my swiftly hardening cock to which you giggle. Tentatively you reach out touch it with your finger, running it down the head, feeling the ridge, the shaft, then running it back only to grip it with your entire hand. “Put your mouth on it.” I command, “let’s see if you’re even worth my time.”

On cue you pull your face closer to my cock and slowly take it into your mouth. You feel it’s heat, it’s pulse, it’s weight and you try to take it further into your mouth till you almost gag. “That’s right” I encourage you, “take all that you can. Let me see how much you want it.” as you pull your mouth back and then run it forward again letting my thick hard shaft slide into your open mouth. You put your hands up to my hips and I slap them away. “No, just your mouth. I want you to prove your worth it.” Your eyes shoot up to look at mine, my cock still firmly implanted in your mouth. Your brow furrows but you continue to pleasure me sliding my cock back and forth and flicking it with your tongue inside your mouth. You pull back completely and take a big breath then continue to lick at the underside of my now completely engorged cock. You feel it’s weight pressed against your cheek as you continue to lick all the way down to my balls and you can’t help but feel excited.

I unbutton my fly and drop my pants to the ground, all the while you continue to suck away at the head of my cock. I hear you moan as you do then look down and see why. You’ve sneaked your hand under your skirt and have started to touch yourself as you take care of me. “Good girl” I say to you smiling as I stare into your eyes. You close your eyes and moan again as you fiddle with yourself and take my stiff phallus as deep as you can into your mouth. “Who’s a good sucking cheating slut.” I ask smirking. You look up at me and frown. Upset at the name calling. “Who’s a cheating slut!” I ask again, now in an angry demanding voice. Your eye now open wide in shock and you stop moving your mouth on my cock. “Answer me now!”

Pulling your mouth back you lick your lips and say dutifully, “I am?”

To which I reply, “That’s right. You are.” you open and close your mouth, not sure of what to do next. “You’re my lovely cheating slut and what do cheating sluts do?”

“They…..they fuck you?” you ask in a hopeful voice.

“Wrong.” I reply, “the get….fucked.” I continue harshly. Then without giving you a chance to think I pull you up from the couch, spin you around and place you so that you’re kneeling, facing away from me. I slowly run my hand up the outside of your leg, till I reach your skirt. I play with the material, running it through my hand, lifting then tugging it downwards, then lifting it again stopping only to run my hand down your ass and the inside of your other leg. You shudder nervously and then manage to stammer, “P-p-please”

“Please what?” I demand.

“Please….f-f-fuck me.” you stutter in response.

“Why should I fuck you? I only fuck cheating sluts.”

“No please fuck me…. I …I need it.”

“I don’t care what you need. I only fuck cheating sluts, are you a cheating slut?”

“Y-y-yes” you manage to squeak.

“Let me hear you say it then. Tell me what you are.”

“I’m a….” you pause, stumbling over the words.

“You’re what?”

“I’m a…..I’m a cheating slut.”


“I’m a cheating slut….and…..I want you to fuck me.”

“Well now, that’s better. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery don’t you know?” but before you can respond I have flipped up your skirt and yanked down your panties roughly, then without warning I spread your cute ass cheeks apart and drive my tongue into your wet pussy from behind.

“O-o-o-h fuck” you shudder.

“Does my little slut like that.”

“Y-y-yes….I do.” you blubber, then continue now taking on your role, “this….this slut loves your tongue.” as I continue to lick and flick your tender pussy and asshole from behind. I hear you moan again and I stop and spank your ass with my open palm.

“That’s for being a bad girl.” I state coldly. “You’re a bad girl for being a cheating slut. Tell me, what do they do to bad girls?”

“They….” you pause, knowing the answer but fearful of the repercussions, “they….get punished.”

“That’s right slut. Now get ready for your punishment.” I continue and spank your ass again, the redness beginning to show. I then drive my tongue back into your pussy and lick a little more. The moment you moan I pull away and spank you for the third time.

This time you don’t try to wiggle away. Instead you say, “Punish me. I’m being bad. Punish me!” and I spank you for the forth time.

“This isn’t enough.” I state. “You need more substantial punishment. I don’t think pain is going to do it. Where’s your cell phone.

You turn to look at me in bewilderment. “It’s in the kitchen” you tell me, unsure of what is going on.

“Don’t move.” I command and then walk to the kitchen and retrieve the phone. Walking back I meet your curious gaze and simply say “Later.” Again I stand behind you, this time reaching under you to feel your soft wet sex. You’re already ready. I gently cup my hand and then rub my thumb back and forth between your now puffy pussy lips. Your hips rotate a little as you can’t help but squirm at the attention. I push my thumb inside of you and hear you moan in agreement. “Are you ready for your punishment?” I ask softly. You nod and smirk in response then feel my thumb being eased out and my much thicker cock being eased in.

“O-h-h-h” you moan “yes….punish me with that cock” you stammer. Not knowing that your punishment had not even begun yet. Gripping your hips with both hands I slide myself into you, inch by inch agonizingly slow. You wiggle your hips again and are greeted with another spank. Slowly but surely I’m all the way in. Balls deep in your quivering pussy. I pulse the head and hear you moan as you feel it expand briefly inside of you. Just as slowly I pull out, feeling the silky soft wet clinging of your delicious cunt on my hardness. This time, gripping roughly I drive myself deep into you slapping your ass with my hips as I do. You squeal at the shock of it, but before you can recoil I’ve pulled back and slammed into you again. “F-f-fuck” you moan. Again I pull out, again I push back, each time pulling slowly, then driving back hard.

“Who’s my slut?” I ask between thrusts. “Who’s my slut?!” I demand.

“Uhhhggg” you groan. “I….uhhh” another thrust, “I am” you shudder feeling my thick member pushing deep into you causing shockwaves of pleasure and pangs of pain to rock through your body.

“Say it!” I demand forcefully as I drive into you again. “Tell me what you are!” thrusting again then spanking your cute ass as it wiggles on my cock.

May10 IMG_0257

“I’m…uhhhh fucccckk” you moan having a hard time completing the small sentence as my rock hard member keeps interupting your train of thought. “I’m your slut!” you manage to yell. “Uhhhgg” you groan at another thrust. “I’m your fucking slut!”
“That’s my girl.” I say cooly. “Now, take your phone.” You turn back to look at me your brow furrowed again and unsure what is happening. You take the phone and put it on the couch next to you. Placing my hands on your shoulders I pull you hard into my thrusting body then like a mad dictator I yell “Now call that asshole boyfriend of yours.” Your eyes shoot open in fear but before you can think about your fear you eye close again and your mouth opens wide as I have sneaked one hand back and have just eased my thumb into your spasming asshole. “Call him right now.” I say again, “or this is where my cock is going next.” I continue, wiggling my thumb up and down as I fuck you from behind. The feeling of my thumb in your ass while my thickness slides in and out of your pussy feels amazing, but thinking of my large member pushing into your tight virgin asshole is frightening. Quickly you grab for the phone. “That’s a good slut. Dial his number.”

You quickly dial the number without thinking. Your thumb already having memorized the pattern of movement. You hold the phone up to me as proof but I continue to wiggle my thumb in your ass and fuck you as it rings.

“Ya?” the answer comes.

“Tell him what’s going on. Tell him what you’re doing.”


“Ya? What do you want? I’m in the middle of something here.” he answers you roughly, making your response all the more easy to say.

“I’m….uh….ugghhh….” you stammer….as I pull your hair and slam my cock into you again. “I’m being fucked.”

“Huh?” the response comes, not sure if he heard you correctly. “You’re what?”

“I’m…uhh…fuck…I’m…ahhhh…being fucked…..ughhhh….right….ughhh…now….”

“What??!!?” he yells, never having expected a call like this.

“Tell him what I’m doing right now.” I encourage you. “Tell him how you feel.”

“H-h-he’s ughghh…fucking me so…uhhhh…good Mike.” you manage to grunt. “He’s so much…ughhhh fuck….so much…uhgggh….better…than….ahhh fuck….than you.”

“You fucking whore. What the fuck do you think you’re doing bitch!?”

“Give me the phone.” I instruct. Taking it from you but never stop slamming my cock into you. I was never good at multitasking in an office, but this, this I could do.

“…I’m coming home right now and when I get there I’m going to….”

“You’re going to what Mike?” I growl back. Now this is a battle of alpha’s. “You’re going to what? You’re going to beat her? You’re going to punish her?” I sneer evilly. “Well too fucking bad mate. I’ve got my cock inside your whore and she loves it.” Almost on cue your body shudders and quakes and you squeal as your thundering orgasm zaps through your body.

“Y-e-e-e-sss-s-s” you manage to moan and to my delight, he heard it all.

“Fuck you…you…mother fucker!!”

“Naw mate, your mother is next week. This week it’s your former whore girlfriend. She and I are going to have a time here. Don’t worry I’ll send you pictures to remember her by, now piss off…I’m busy.” After hanging up on him, as I promised, I take a picture of us with your phone and send him a copy, being sure to send a copy to myself as well. “I guess we’re done here hun. I don’t think he’ll be wanting you anymore.” I chuckle.

May15 Sensual 006

“The fuck we are done.” you groan, “we’re done when you’ve fucked me unconscious with that big beautiful dick of yours!”

“Right then,” I reply, pulling out of your soaking wet pussy and slapping you on the ass. “To the bedroom slut! Lets make a memory or two!” as I follow you down the hall, fingering through the contact list on your phone, stopping at “Sarah – BFF” and hitting dial.

Satisfaction…..always guaranteed.


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