Each of us in turn dragged our weary bodies from the bed and stumbled one by one into the large open shower. Our slow feet dragging on the ornate tiles as we shuffled through the motions of getting ready for bed. After showering, shaving, and taking care of whatever other patterns we were accustomed to, one by one we flopped onto the over-sized bed that was only moments ago the scene of some sensational activities. With you in the center you close your eyes in contentment, receiving a goodnight kiss from each of us in turn as we all slump into a slumber, smiles on our faces as each of our recorded memories for the night silently played in the secret recesses of our minds. In no time at all each of us in turn dips into the silky smooth waters of a comfortable unconsciousness, one that is not fraught with wanting, guilt or worry. As the pillowy duvet soothes us my last thought is one of tender anticipation of what the next day will hold.

The next morning I awake to find my body splayed out on the bed as if a child claiming a space all to its own. Gently I rub the sleep from my eyes as the world slowly comes into a slightly hazy focus. I’m alone in the room, which despite the lack of women in it, smells of perfume, both natural and man made. A delightful combination of sweet fruity and intangible smells that wafts across the senses like cotton ball clouds across a light blue summer sky. Almost immediately after I recognize the unique and undeniably mouth watering smell of fresh bacon being cooked on a skillet. Summoning the energy to move, I clumsily roll over to my side and slump off of the large bed into a pile on the floor. Gingerly I step into the bathroom, the tiles surprisingly warm to the touch thanks to the highly sought after in-floor warming that had been installed. Taking a few steps more I was in the shower again washing the sleep off my body as the refreshing water blasted away at my skin in its “Shiatsu Massage” mode. After ensuring I was completely clean, and definitely awake I moved over to the vanity to clean yesterdays stubble from my jaw. In the other room I could hear the distinctive giggles of women at play and tried my best to not smile as I finished dragging the sharp blade across my cheeks. The giggling briefly stopped for a moment and was replaced with hushed whispers and the murmurings of what I was assuming to be playful conniving. The murmurs were finally punctuated with some additional giggles that faded as you both sauntered out the door back towards the kitchen, leaving in your wake a delicate mystery that I no doubt would soon be wrapped up in. I dutifully finished my morning bathroom duties, slipped on a white terry cloth robe and stepped out of the bathroom, through the bedroom, and onto the adjacent kitchen with quiet confidence.

There is a noticeable breeze pushing its way through the condo dragging the mouth watering smell of breakfast with it. Fresh coffee, pure orange juice, bacon, scrambled eggs and perfectly toasted piece of bread with just the right amount of butter glistening on its surface. The only thing that’s missing from this traditionally heartwarming breakfast is the two giggling chefs who now are nowhere to be found. With a furrowed brow I walk into the kitchen and find a expertly garnished plate ready for me. Its resting comfortably on a bamboo tray complete with coffee, juice, and the required silverware for the job at hand. Just before I reach down to pick up my plate I notice a small note which was slid under the knife and fork. It reads quite simply, “Balcony”. My brow furrows even more and I can’t help but cock my head to the side like a dog trying desperately to understand the speech of its master. Putting the plate back in its place, I reach instead for the extents of the bamboo tray and pick it up, turning slowly in the direction of the balcony. In a moment I see the source of the breeze sliding through the condo as the door to the balcony has been left slightly ajar. Taking quiet steps towards the opening I slide the edge of my foot into the crack, and with the tray still in my hands pull the door open with my foot. It slides easily on its track and I step through the larger opening I created out onto the waiting balcony. Looking to my left I see a table setup with a few deck chairs with bright red cushions. On the table sits a large pitcher of what looks to be lemonade as well as three crystal clean glasses glinting in the morning sun. I look back to my right and see another chair with a side table, and the chefs of this succulent breakfast. You are both occupied with attending to each other now and I slowly lower myself to the relaxed deck chair, placing the tray on the side table and taking a brief sip of orange juice as I also drink in the sight before me.

You’re both lying on a double sized deck chair that was clearly designed for couples. It’s slightly inclined and I see your lover resting comfortably on it, her arm draped up and over her eyes, her mouth open in what would first be viewed as a yawn; that is, until you look further down and see you nibbling at her exposed breasts as your hand runs down her body to cup her sweet sex. I reach over and noisily crunch on a piece of toast. Crumbs dropping over my face and chest as all semblance of gentlemanly behavior and normal table manners have gone by the wayside. My attention is not being directed towards the manner in which I’m eating and is instead, completely devoted to the spectacle in front of me. No doubt aware of my noisy crunching, your lover picks her head up briefly to make eye contact with me. She raises her eyebrows in the universally inquisitive fashion and with her free hand motions me towards you two. I respond with a raised palm indicating that I’m staying put and that you both should continue whatever you’d like to do. It seems that neither of you needed any further invitation as I watch you kiss your way down your lovers body dutifully paying close attention to every tender area as you reach her waiting pussy. I place my toast back down on the plate, right myself in the chair and reach for the plate of eggs and bacon. I’d certainly rather be eating something else right now, but that would have to wait. Instead I sit in quiet solitude watching the two beauties in my life provide a delightful show of what it means to pleasure your lover.

The eggs slide down my throat easily as I watch your two writhing bodies in front of me. Your mouth is firmly planted on her quivering pussy and it’s clear she would have it no other way. I watch as her hands shoot down to your head grabbing you firmly as her hips buck into your mouth. Though I can not see, no doubt your tongue is dancing over her buzzing clit, delicately flicking it then sucking it into you mouth. I sip a bit of coffee as you drag your nails up the inside of her thigh with just enough friction to cause little creeks of reddened skin trailing them. I watch her head drop back and a moan escapes her open mouth. My attention suddenly comes back to my own situation as I find that I just burnt my lips on the coffee. Shaking my head I place it back on the tray and reach for the last strip of bacon, nibbling on it quietly as I see your fingers trace across her lower lips with expert precision. You move up to her neck and nibble it, then lick your way up to her ear. You’re whispering something to her. She shakes her head. You whisper some more. She shakes her head more ferverently. One last time you bite her ear then whisper again. She pauses, and I see her shoulders slump in capitulation as she nods slowly. The moment she does I see you stop tracing her pussy with your finger and instead push a single long finger into her. She sighs audibly and you whisper again into her ear, licking it as you do. A smile crosses her face and she nods again slowly. Your finger retracts, then pushes back into her. More whispering, more nodding, more emphatic this time. Your finger retracts once more, then pushes deep into her faster, then again, and again. She bites her lip, she moans, and you whisper some more biting harder on her ear and neck. More nodding, but the smile is now a grimace. The single finger is pulled out to the very tip, its length glistening with the obvious signs of your lover’s arousal. A second finger traces up and down the now puffy lips of her pussy as the first tickles up and down. More whispering, a nod. More whispering, a more emphatic nod. Another bite, another lick. More tracing of fingers as you tease her unmercifully. More whispers and the nods now come with distinct desperation. Your fingers stop moving briefly, her hips buck for more caresses but find none. Then with no warning you plunge both fingers into her deeply. She squeals “Yessssssss” and opens and closes her thighs trying to get even more of your attention.

You turn to meet my unwavering gaze, smile, then wink. You kiss the air at me then turn back to your lover who is quickly turning into a human puddle. Viciously you sink your teeth into her neck, biting her almost to the point of drawing blood, then down to her breasts. Her nipples are diamond hard with excitement and aching for tender touches. Instead you lower your mouth to her breast and suck it hard into your mouth as you continue to fuck her soaking pussy with your fingers. I watch as you release her breast only to catch her nipple between your teeth. With the skill of an expert your grind your teeth side to side on her nipple with just enough pressure to give a slight amount of pain, but an overwhelming amount of sensation as her body jolts violently under your attentive mouth. You suck her nipple one last time then move to the other breast. Her body turns and contorts, partially turning away from you, and partially turning towards you as competing sections of her brain seek the pleasure and avoid the pain. All throughout this your fingers have been driving in and out of her quivering pussy. Her legs are shaking with the uncontrollable electricity that’s shooting through her body. Her mouth tight in what appears to be a frown, then releases to pleasure, then back to a grimace as she bites her lip taking all that you’re giving her.

Knowing that she’s on the edge you turn up the volume slightly pushing your fingers deep into her and cupping her mound with your hand, grinding it into her as you continue to suck on her nipples. Then all at once you release her breast from your mouth, and drop to her sopping sex licking quickly and expertly all around her swollen and highly sensitized clit. I watch as you rotate your hand and drive your fingers back in, taking her clit into your mouth as you do, licking her and sucking at the same time as you slide in and out of her. Her head thrashes from side to side as she agonizes over your torture her hands outstretched just inches above your head. Her fingers spread, then her fists clench, and it’s ever apparent that she’s coming very close. Only seconds later her hands drop to your head and you know she’s about to lose it. With loving intent, but vicious technique you pull your two fingers out, and then all at once plunge in three at the same time. A loud gasp erupts from her mouth followed by a grunt of, “Oh f-f-f-uc-k-k-k” as she grips your hair tightly and pushes you into her dripping pussy. You oblige her needs and lick at her voraciously as you continue to fuck her with your three very wet fingers. I sit transfixed now on the edge of my seat. The remainder of my toast sitting in my mouth. I can’t think to take a bite. I can’t think to make a move. I sit motionless waiting for the coming storm in front of me. I see her tense up, the waves starting to ripple through her body. Her mouth quivers, her jaw slackens then tightens again. She bites her lip then opens her mouth wide gasping for air. The muscles of her arms tighten and her knuckles go white gripping your hair roughly. I see her toes curl and her legs start to shake. Her hips start to buck and rotate into your hand and mouth. Another gasp, another grunt, a moan, then a squeal, “F-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-c-k-k-k-k me-ee-e-e!” as I see a rush of her juices cascade down your hand and onto the bright red cushion making small darker red puddle as she uncontrollable writhes as wave after wave of tension blasts through her body. Her breathing stops momentarily, and then her head whips back up, her eyes wide, gasping loudly. Finally she releases your head, her fingers spread wide as her hands slightly shake. The muscles in her body finally relax as her legs slump down to the chair, her arms flopping down to your shoulders. Slowly you withdraw your dripping fingers from her drenched pussy, and turning to look at me draw them up to your mouth to lick the remaining juices off while winking at me.

I finally take the last bite of my toast, recognizing at once that I had become stationary as a statue. My own body tense and excited, my cock hard and straining beneath the robe. I quickly reach for the remaining orange juice and hungrily drink it down. As I do I watch you kiss your way back up her twitching body as you hold her in a loving embrace. Without a doubt, I think to myself, this was the most satisfying breakfast I’ve had in my life. I place the empty glass back on the tray and as I turn my attention back to you two, I notice your gaze has shifted from each other, to me, and the tent like structure I’ve created. Wiping your face clean you whisper into her ear and I see her smile and nod slowly, never taking her eyes off of mine. You gather yourselves, stand up, and hand in hand walk over to me, naked, dripping, and utterly oozing sensuality out of every pore.

The two of you are intoxicating. My eyes dart to each of you, trying desperately to focus on everything all at once. I look at your eyes, then hers, then her breasts, her hips, your breasts, your lips, her legs, your legs, and then back to your eyes again. You’re both standing over me now. She moves the table aside and takes up station on my left while you drag your hand up my chest to my chin while standing on my right. Both of you reach down to my robe and in turn help undo the casual knot, then slip it aside to reveal my raging hardon. I see each of you smile in turn knowing that just the sight of you has made me erect without any touching at all. You know the power you wield over me and you enjoy every last bit of it. As you bend over to kiss me I feel her delicate smooth hands dancing across my leg to rest on my throbbing cock. Her touch makes me jump slightly and I reach up with my hands. Releasing my cock from her hand she takes my arm in both of her hands, as you do the same with my other arm. I look to each of you for guidance then realize what you’re doing. Without a struggle from me, you push my arms behind my back so that I’m pinning them with my own body weight. I lay here now, trapped by my own body awaiting whatever mysterious torture that you two have concocted.

Leaning over me I watch as you kiss eachother with passion and though the sight makes me smile, I can’t help but be distracted by the two pairs of lovely breasts hanging above my face. Each pair unique to the woman they hang from, I marvel at each curve, each subtle line, each nipple hard with arousal. So distracted am I that I fail to notice that both of you have slowly lowered a hand to my hips. Just as I finally do notice, you both kneel next to me, taking a handful of my cock each, her with the shaft, and you with the head gently increasing and decreasing the pressure expertly. As you break from your kiss her head dives down to my balls who twitch with the sudden attention of her tender tongue. Simultaneously you drop your head to my chest, taking my own nipple into your mouth and biting is slightly, then releasing it to trail your lips down my body and onto the head of my cock. You softly kiss the head lovingly, snaking your tongue out to trace the edge of my cock. As you do I shudder as I feel her taking one of my balls softly into her mouth, licking it with her tongue as she does so. The sight of you two gorgeous women being so attentive to my aching cock is absolutely mesmerizing. I make a concerted effort to watch every motion, every moment, doing my best to burn the memory into the recesses of my brain. I feel her release me from her mouth and then move to the tender area between my leg and my balls licking and then biting. As she does that you rotate your head and then gently bite at my shaft too. Unconsciously my legs try to clamp together and I resist that urge as best as I can, clenching my fists behind my back instead. You nibble and lick your way back up my shaft and engulf the head of my cock completely with in your mouth. The sudden change in texture, temperature, pressure, and wetness is a delight to my senses and I groan in approval. Taking your cue, she moves from my leg to the base of my shaft, nibbling and licking as well as you take my cock deeper into your mouth then slowly pull back, your tongue dancing over the head as it sits trapped within your loving mouth. I moan and grunt again at the attention my balls tightening to my body as I urge it to last longer and enjoy the moment. You withdraw your mouth from my cock and smirk as you see a single drop of precum gathering at the tip. Without a word she moves from the base of my cock to the tip with a single stroke, drawing her tongue all the way up the underside of my shaft, to rest at the head and lick the single drop into her mouth.

As she slowly runs her tongue around her lips you smile and meet her in a sweet kiss that quickly evolves into an involved affair. Your tongues now dancing in each others mouths instead of dancing over my cock. I can’t help but enjoy the show of erotic passion in front of me. I sit once more transfixed my mouth open in silence. As if sensing my near zombie like state you break the kiss and turn to me smiling softly whispering, “You didn’t think we forgot about you did you ?” as I smirk back at you. “Off you go,” you motion to her swiftly and after a quick lick all the way up my shaft followed by a kiss on the tip she jumps up and quickly straddles me, her hot sweet sex mere inches above my cock. “Go on” you encourage her, “he’s earned it.” you say smiling as you stare deep into my eyes. With those final words she lowers herself onto me slowly taking me deeper and deeper filling her with every inch I my being.  She moans in approval and I grunt my own approval. “Now,” you say trying to hold back the laughter, “it’s my turn to control you. You have to satisfy both of us. And if after we’re done we decide you’ve earned it, you’ll be allowed to cum.” you smile viciously at me then swing your leg over and straddle my torso. With malice in mind you arch your back and wiggle you nearly perfect ass just inches from my face and only slightly out of tongue range. I fight the urge to rip my arms from wear I’ve trapped them behind my back, but instead relax and enjoy the moment. As much as I know you’re teasing me it’s only a matter of time before you want it just as much as I do. Still wiggling your cute ass side to side you lean over and kiss her gently as she slowly grinds into my swollen member. Your passionate kiss envelopes you and I notice your ass slowing, then stopping its wiggle. I smile to myself, understanding that you’re losing yourself in the moment and very shortly I would have you dancing at the end of my extended tongue. You break from your kiss to grab her head, kissing her neck, down to her breasts, and as you do your ass makes its way closer to my face. In that instant I choose to push my body closer, strain my neck so my lips almost graze yours and with a sneaky sultry whip of the tongue I lash out and lick your dripping pussy. I hear you gasp as you let her nipple go from between your lips. You weren’t expecting me. I hear you moan softly and soon after your pushing your ass back to meet my tongue allowing me to better run it up and down your tasty slit. I dutifully tongue your pussy, driving it deep as I can, then flicking it and licking upwards all the way to your twitching asshole. Lightly I flick my tongue around your ass as well, stopping only to playfully bite your ass cheek.

It’s getting difficult to concentrate though. The sensation of her tight pussy running up and down my slickened cock is hard enough, but having your taste on my mouth, your ass in my face, hearing your moan as you enjoy the pleasure of this moment. All three of us are basking in the excstacy of the instance. On the highest floor, outstretched on a balcony, the sun beating down, our loud moans and grunts reverberating off the nearby towers. I find myself wondering if people can hear us down below. Hear mysterious moans and squeals of pleasure seemingly coming out of nowhere. Old men adjusting their hearing aids, not quite sure what they’re hearing; then once they do, turning the volume up as high as it can go. Women walking down the street in their designer dresses and fuck me now pumps trying to maintain their cool as they secretly wish it was them that was losing their mind up on a balcony somewhere in the nearby sky. My thoughts quickly snap back to the here and now as I hear you shout, “Time to switch, I need that cock badly.” as you pull your ass away from my mouth and stand up abruptly. You’re lover smiles but I can sense the disappointment on her face. As directed she gets up off of me biting her lip as she attempts to prolong the movement a little longer. Once my sex is free from her you immediately grab it roughly twisting slightly and staring into my eyes. “I cum first, then her, then you. If you cum first we’ll both be off limits to you for the rest of the weekend. Got it?” I nod quickly in fearful agreement. My eyes dart over to your lover and I see her smile in quiet agreement as well. With little delay, you quickly stand astride my cock, but with your back to me. Inch by inch you lower yourself slowly, lining us up so we can successfully join ourselves as we were meant to. Once the head of my thick cock passes your lips I hear you moan and then plunge yourself down onto my cock as your pussy grips me tightly within you. Your lover smiles at me mischievously and walks away from where she was standing behind me.

Slowly she makes her way around to face you as you ride my cock up and down. After a quick friendly kiss she lowers her mouth to take your nipple into her mouth, briefly sucking then gently biting at it. You squeal in both pain and pleasure and slam down on my cock harder. She releases you then bends down between our legs, kneeling on the hot sun drenched concrete floor of the balcony. All at once I realize the reason for her mischievous look as I feel her tongue run up and down my balls. The sensation is almost too much to bear and I feel my balls tighten against my body as I try desperately to clamp down and hold back from cumming. She leaves my tender scrotum and then I instantly hear you squeal in pleasure as your riding rhythm becomes erratic. Her tongue is now running up and down your clit as you bounce on my swollen sex. No longer the subject of attention I change rolls and move my arms from behind my back. I shake them out quickly as my fingers tingle from the sudden rush of blood to them. Sitting up I reach around your body to cup your breasts, then slowly squeeze as you ride my cock. Your pussy is gushing now as I can your juices dripping down my balls. I take my hands from your breasts to take your nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Gently increasing the pressure I hold them as you ride up and down. With each downward stroke you involuntarily tug on your nipples then release the tension. The sensation electrifies you and I feel your pace increase once more. As I do this I hear the telltale sounds of her mouth smacking and slurping as she licks at your exposed clit. Your head drops back suddenly as you begin to moan loudly, “Oh f-f-f-u-u-u-ck” you groan and I can feel as your body begins to tighten up. On cue I hear the slurping stop as she starts sucking your clit into her mouth. I in turn increase the preasure of my fingers on your nipples. Simultaneously I start driving back up into you. Then with little warning I hook my arms in yours and pull you back. Your head next to mine I bite your ear and drive up and into you as she continues to lick and suck your poor tortured clit. With a slight shudder we both see as your body begins to tense up. Your legs open and close. Your breathing stops, then you gasp, then stop again. I hold you back to me tightly and continue to drive my cock up into you, releasing your ear from my teeth I drop to your neck and bite it gently then whisper back into your ear “Cum for us baby, show us how much you love it. Show us how much you want it. Show us how good we’ve been.” and with that you scream out, “Fu-u-u-u-u-u-u-c-k-k-k” cumming loudly as your pussy gushes and drenches the seat with your delicious cocktail of juices. Your body reverberates, shaking and shuddering with the aftershocks of your powerful orgasm. “Good girl” I whisper into your ear, as you slump down onto my chest.

My cock slides easily out of your slick pussy and all at once I feel it being engulfed in your lover’s mouth as she sucks and licks your juices off of it. I moan uncontrollably as my own body shudders, not being prepared for the sudden sensation of a mouth on my hardened shaft. As you slide off, I shift over and allow you to rest on the reclined deck chair. There is a large wet spot on the cushion and I smile to myself remembering the first time that happened in Paris. You look at me with a contented but utterly spent smile as I stand next to you. She then comes up between your legs, kneeling on the wet spot she leans in to kiss you and you taste your own delectable pussy on her lips. Motioning with your eyebrows as you return her kiss, I snicker to myself. Her ass is sticking in the air and is ripe for the plucking. Taking up position directly behind her I make aim for her drenched cunt and once I’ve got myself lined up, drive as deep as I can with no warning at all. She breaks the kiss and screams in surprise and enjoyment “FUCK!” and I slowly pull back all the way to the tip. “Do it!” she screams, “Do it! Do it again!” she demands, wiggling her ass at the tip of my erect phallus. Again with little warning I grip her hips and drive hard into her, and to my satisfaction hear a very loud moan of approval. “F-u-u-u-u-c-k yes-s-s-s-s”. I pull out again, faster this time, and drive in again delaying less and less. Now the response is curt, more of a grunt then any other type of utterance. Again I pull out, again I drive back. Another grunt. Then I see you snake your hand below as you rub her clit with your hand. I feel her body quake beneath me as she moans. With that I increase my pace pushing deep into her over and over again. I see her back start to arch. It tenses and then relaxes, then tenses again. She’s on the edge. You don’t let her breath as you pull your legs together and slide down the seat till your head is directly below her dripping pussy. I continue my pace, fucking her hard and steady, and with each thrust another grunt of approval. Her body tenses again and as I thrust once more you attack her throbbing clit with your tongue, viciously licking it. As you do I reach back with one hand and rub her till now untouched asshole. Her body shudders and shakes with the sudden onset of sensations and you and I can both tell shes about to collapse into a river of pleasure. Her shoulders start to shake as she tries hard to maintain her balance, then I see her asshole twitch, her pussy clamps down then releases, then tightens once more. Her ass muscles start to flutter as we hear her gasp and strain to breath. Then the air is suddenly punctuated with a blood curdling scream as she cums hard and violently, shaking beneath me and showering you in her own flavorful stream of juices. You continue to lick and suck at her clit as she cums hard, her delicious cunt pulsating over my cock.

I can no longer take it, I slide out of her spasming pussy as I feel my balls tighten to my body. Without any verbal cues I feel you move your tongue onto my buzzing testes as you tease them with your tongue. Then as you suck one gently I can’t hold on any longer. My cock twitches upwards, my head expands, and with a gut wrenching contortion my cum blasts out of my spasming dick splashing first against her dripping cunt, then second past your neck and onto your exposed breasts. I gasp and gulp a breath in as I feel you reach up and grab my cock. You give it another gentle stroke and a third and forth eruption cascades onto your breasts creating a small white pool between them. My hands shake and I groan in satisfaction as I slump over your lover’s sweat slickened body. As my senses slowly return and I feel like my spirit has made its way back I hear you gently murmur from below me, “That’s a good boy.” and once more we collapse in a fit of giggles, sweat, cum, and utter satisfaction.

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