Happy Birthday

As the night drifts over the city I’ll drift into your room. Softly, quietly, like a thief in the night. I slither up to your bed in silence with my eyes fixed on your sleeping face. You look so peaceful as you rest in the pillowy softness of your bed. Gently I kiss your forehead, then your cheek, and as your head slightly turns I kiss your sweet strawberry colored lips. Unconsciously you smile and I see your eyes flutter without waking. Tenderly and with slow deliberate patience I pull down the fluffy duvet that covers your sleeping body. Inch by inch I reveal you to the night air. I smile to see my good fortune as you’ve gone to bed wearing only an oversized t-shirt. The shirt rises and falls as you take deep slow breaths. The shirt tight around your ample breasts pulls up and relaxes with each breath. I pull the duvet completely off now and take up station on the bed. My hands on either side of your hips, my body face down between your legs, my face mere inches from your unsuspecting sex. I can smell your delicious musk that’s unique to you. Your perfect pussy only partially covered by the inadequate shirt.

Since the moment you told me that you’ve never experienced the tenderness of a man’s tongue, I’ve dreamt of this moment. With the slow cautious movement of a puff of smoke I lower my mouth to your waiting sex and gently blow a small wisp of air onto you. I smile to myself as I see you react unconsciously, moving your legs slightly further apart and rotating your hips. Again I blow a small wisp of air onto you, directing it up and down your perfect slit. Once more you rotate your hips and open your legs a little further. Slower still I extend my tongue from my mouth and in a gentle motion trace across your pussy with barely a touch. To my delight you grind a little more with your hips and I hear you take in another large breath. Now slightly bolder I run my tongue from bottom to top gently separating your lower lips with my talented tongue and as I reach your little budding clit I flick it lightly with my tongue. I hear you moan above me and immediately after your hands come down to my head. I’m unsure if you’re asleep or awake now, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

Without further waiting I drag my tongue across your cunt again this time applying more pressure and pushing your lips apart. For the first time I’m greeted with the savory taste of your delicious wetness. I hear you moan once more and your hands tighten on my head. I lick once more from bottom to top, then from top to bottom varying the depth of my tongue as I go and being sure to flick your clit with each trip. Now you’re definitely awake. I look up and meet your gaze. It’s one of confusion, excitement, bewilderment, and abandon. You drop your head back onto your pillow and release my head. With one hand I trace my way up your leg, passed your pussy and up to your magnificent breasts. Your nipples are hardened with your excitement and trying to push through the t-shirt. I lightly circle one nipple with my finger and gently squeeze it before moving to the other. While I’m doing this I’m increasing the tempo of my licking, every few moments driving my tongue as deep as I can into your quickly damping sex. With my other hand I gently rub your now puffy pussy lips pushing in and out and making you squirm as the pressure makes you ache for more.

Without a word of warning I move to my knees, grab your t-shirt and quickly pull it off of you to expose your nakedness to me. Your eyes are wild in excitement mixed with fear. You weren’t expecting this at all and though your brain is telling you to be worried, your body is screaming for more. As you look at me I cross my arms over, gripping your right leg with my right hand, and your left leg with my left hand. Once more, without warning I twist my arms back and as I do force your legs to turn you over. Now you’re face down on the bed. Unable to see what I’m doing. Your beautiful curvy ass exposed to my savage intentions. Gripping your hips I pull you back to me so that you’re face down on the bed, with knees bent and your ass in the air. Your heart races as you try to figure out what’s coming next. At that very moment I stab at your wet pussy with my tongue and you can’t help but squirm and squeal in approval. With my hands on your ass I squeeze and separate your cheeks and drive my tongue into you then pull out and lick up. You wiggle your ass but you’re not trying to get away. Again I drive my tongue into you and then lick up, further this time flicking over the very edge of your unsuspecting asshole. Once more I drive my tongue into you then drag it back up, and with it flattened out I drag it across your asshole making you squeal again.

I take that opportunity to quickly give your cute ass a spank then repeat the same action, first licking your tasty pussy then up to your tender asshole. Lightly I flick my tongue over your asshole as you continue to wiggle your butt at me. As I lick you I move my left hand off of your ass down to your leg. Lightly I stroke the inside of your thigh, then the other, then I reach through and cup each hanging breast in kind all the while licking at your ass. You continue to wiggle and moan as I tease your butt. Then you feel my hand cupping your now sopping sex. You stop wiggling for a moment and I can tell you’re trying to figure out what’s going to happen next. With a gentle motion I take my thumb, now slickened with your own juices and push it into your waiting pussy. I can see you kick your head back and moan. Moments later I feel you pushing back to meet my mouth and thumb as I slide it back and forth in and out of you. With my other hand I maneuver it so that my other thumb is poised at the rim of your tender asshole. Gently I apply a little pressure with my thumb as I push the other deeper into your pussy. Without giving you a chance to recover I playfully bite your ass. The sudden shock of all three sensations simultaneously makes you moan even louder and mutter “Oh fuck yes-s-s”

Pulling my thumb out of your delicious pussy I pause for a moment, lick your clit, then as I gently push my thumb into your ass I push two fingers deep into your pussy hearing you gasp in approval and push your ass back to meet me. As I pull and push with my fingers I alternate with my thumb pulling and pushing it as well. To make it even harder on you I rotate my head and lick at your clit as well. To my delight I hear you squeal “F-f-f-f-uck!” followed by a long drawn out moan. After a few moments of this I can start to feel you lose control. Moaning, grinding, and gasping uncontrollably. Before you have the opportunity to cum accidentally, I gently pull my hands and mouth away from your pulsating sex. I see you look back at me in disappointment, but immediately after I grip your hips and twist you back around so that you’re on your back again.

With my strong hands gripping your ankles I push your legs up and back towards you, exposing your soaking sex to my intensions. Gently nibbling and nipping at your legs as I move down the inside of your thigh I keep my eyes locked on yours. You’re shuddering now. Desperate for just a little more of my talented touch. I finally reach the inside of your leg, where it meets the rest of your body, then without giving in, I trace my tongue back up the inside of your other leg. You groan in frustration, bucking your hips towards me. I look at you with evil intent and smile viciously. Again I trace back down your thigh until my mouth is only an inch above your perfect pussy. I can smell your excitement and I slowly reach my tongue down and quickly flick at your clit. You moan and kick your head back, but I don’t continue. You raise your head up again and look at me, pleading with your eyes. Once more I lower my mouth slowly to you and flick at your clit once more. Again you moan and drop your head back to the pillow. Yet, again I don’t give you any more attention. But while your head is down and you’re not paying attention I quickly move to your heaving breasts and snare your nipple in my lips, then gently bite at it. You squeal and rotate your hips pushing up to me. Then I move over to the other nipple and do the same. You shudder with the pain mixed with pleasure and moan softly. Without further encouragement I drop my mouth back to your sopping sex and take your clit into my mouth and suck on it.

You gasp and moan loudly, but I don’t stop there. I release one leg from my grip and push two fingers deep into your now spasming pussy as I suck on your tender clit. Then I release my grip from the other leg and rub gently around your asshole. The combination of all sense after being deprived of them sends you off like a rocket. Your legs start to shake and shudder and your breathing starts to falter. I hear you moan “Yes….yes….yes-s-s-s” louder each time and you push your pussy up to me with each moan. I feel your hands drop to my head. You grip my head roughly and pull at my hair, trying to push me deeper into your delicious sex. I continue my ravenous attention and slide my fingers in and up rubbing gently on your g-spot as I push my thumb into your ass and suck on your clit. You can’t take anymore. Your hands start to shake as bad as your legs and all at once I hear you stop breathing. Then with little warning you scream as you cum hard and long gyrating and spasming as your orgasm courses through your body making you shake, moan, and swear like a sailor, “F-f-f-ucking fuck! F-u-u-u-ck! Sh-i-i-i-i-t !” as I’m rewarded with a torrent of your juices flowing down my hand and chin.

I slowly pull back from you as you regain awareness of where you are, and as I look at you and smile, I say softly, “Happy Birthday” and then stand up and walk out the door leaving you there in a puddle of your own juices with a dazed and thoroughly satisfied look on your face.

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