That night we enjoyed dinner at a little Spanish restaurant in a small nearly unknown section of the city. Throughout the night we were treated to live music and occasionally one of the waitresses would get up and showcase her talents as an amateur flamenco dancer. I had to smile as we both took the show in, equally admiring her dancing talents as much as her other assets. Flamenco is an inherently sexual dance, as most dances are, and this delightful waitress oozed sex from her every pore. We clapped politely, tipped highly, and left together arm in arm. We strolled down the street which was becoming less busy as the sunlight slipped away and the moonlight teased its way over the horizon. The warm summer air began to slide aside to be replaced by the refreshed cool night breeze. I felt you shiver slightly and I pull you closer to my warm body. You look at me and smile, mouthing the words every human wants to hear. I mouth them back to you and then lean towards you to kiss your waiting lips. As we separate from our kiss we both smile. Your smile one of contentment and satisfaction, mine one of the realization that the desert I promised was coming all too soon.

I hail a nearby cab and we both jump in. Confidently I tell the cabbie where we need to go and then give him a tip upfront. The driver looks curiously at the money, but shrugs his shoulders and pockets the money as he pulls out from the curb and begins on the journey to our next destination. Turning back to you after telling the cab where to go I meet your glance briefly before you grab me and pull me back into the seat towards you. With no thoughts for who was watching you kiss me with abandon, your lips dancing over mine in a passion filled but almost desperate attack. I hold you close and kiss your cheek, your ear, your neck, then back up to your ear only to whisper, “I have a surprise for you.” I feel your body tense up and your breath abruptly stop. You look at me intensely, your eyes focusing on one eye then the other, as if one eye would give up the game before the other. I kiss you again, but you’re not thinking about the kiss. So I whisper to you again, “Don’t worry, you’ll like it.” I hiss into your ear, then gently bite your ear lobe as you jump in your seat.

In a few moments we’re downtown. The lights of the towers creating their own special constellations in the sky. The entire ride you’ve been engaged with me in copious amounts of groping, but I can see in your eyes the look of concern. I do my best to hide my smirk, pulling out all the stops to push my face in to a blank passive, but passionate demeanour. We both feel the cab slow, pull over to the curb, and then stop. Your brow is furrowed and you drill into me with inquisitive eyes. I return your gaze with little reaction as I reach forward and pay the cab the rest of the fair. “Thank you sir.” he nods, seeing the additional tip and a small almost unnoticable note between the small stack of bills. I pop out of the cab and reach my hand back to assist you, unable to resist watching your dress hike up as you gracefully exit the cab. You smile at me in a silent thank you for the hand, but that thank you disappears when you look around to see you recognize none of the buildings around us.

“This way.” I order gently, taking your hand and walking towards the large monolithic building in front of us.

“Where are we going?” you finally ask, no longer able to contain your anxious reservations.
“Trust me hun, it’ll be worth it.” I answer cryptically, half leading, half pulling you into the building. It’s only at the entrance that you recognize the name of the building. It’s the same name I had mentioned in passing several months prior. The same building my company had been working on, the same building that I had been discussing the view from the penthouse. The very same building. Most importantly, the same, completely unoccupied, completely furnished building. The suites were lavish and impeccably designed catering to non-local high level executives that were working locally for long periods of time. At this time my company had refinished and refurbished the entire building and in a matter of days we were putting the suites up for the general public to view and occupy. In the meantime, however, there was a beautiful building in the middle of downtown that had 60 suites and two penthouse suites that were completely empty, and completely furnished. What’s more, I had the master key card.

I casually swiped the card through the main entrance, and then lead you to the bank of elevators. Immediately pressing the call button the elevator opened. Moments later we were inside. I swiped the card again for security access and pressed the PH1 button indicating we were going straight up to the penthouse. The elevator arrived with a near silent whir and the only indication we had been moving was the sudden rising feeling we could feel in our stomach. The PH1 light went out as the elevator pinged and opened the door to reveal the opulent penthouse suite.

The view from the suite was incredible. We were sitting on top of the city, and looking down at it like Kings and Queens must have over their loyal subjects. I turned on a minimal amount of lights as I took you on a tour through the suite. I turned on the gas fireplace in the center of the living room, then whisked you through it to the kitchen, then over to the 2nd bedroom, the main bathroom, and finally the absolutely massive master bedroom. In the center of the master bedroom was a fully dressed King sized four poster bed. The wood was polished and ornately carved and the duvet was creamy coloured and looked like it was made of pure white fluffy clouds. Over to one side was the entrance to the ensuite, complete with a oversized walk in shower that could easily handle a mass showering of 5 or more, as well as a modern looking two person soaker whirlpool tub. To the other side of the bed was a wall of windows that opened out onto an expansive balcony. “This is amazing,” you managed to say almost breathlessly and I knew I had your attention. While you now thought that this was the surprise, in truth it wasn’t. The surprise was going to come. Soon.

I pull you close and immediately we begin kissing, our lips dancing together buzzing with anxious energy. I cup the back of your head in my strong hand, your long hair cascading down and around my fingers. As I kiss you deeply feeling the passion course through your body and into mine, I reach back with my other hand to slowly unzip your dress. A few moments later we break from kissing, and while you stare into my eyes thinking about all the delicious things you’re going to do, you gracefully shrug your shoulders and allow the dress to fall to your feet. Gingerly you step out of it, revealing the not so surprising fact, that you were not wearing a shred of underwear. I reach to my neck to loosen my tie, but you come to me in two confident strides standing naked in the room save for your soft black suede heels. As I drink in every inch of your sexy body you nimbly pull off my tie, then one by one release each button on my shirt. Once you’ve reached the bottom you pull the shirt apart, back, and down over my shoulders, momentarily pinning my arms behind my back. Taking full advantage of the situation you kiss me quickly, then bend down at the knees, raking your fingernails across my exposed chest only to stop at my belt. With another speedy motion you unhook the belt, unbutton my pants, and yank my pants down to my ankles revealing my not so hidden hardon sheathed only slightly by a pair of thing sport jockey underwear. Reaching your hands back up to my underwear you yank them off too, my erection springing up and back as it’s released from the confines of my last layer of clothing. With a giggle you catch it in your hand, feeling its weight by lightly lifting it up with your hand only to catch it again with a small subtle slap on your outstretched palm. You look up at me with your mischievous eyes and then quickly stand, turning abruptly away from me, and cock in hand, pull me towards the shower as I hobble out of the pile of clothes at my feet.

Still holding onto me like you were leading a horse to feed, you pull me into the shower, kick off your shoes out of the room, then reach back to turn the water on with your free hand. The luxury shower gently blasts our bodies with no less than 8 fine jets of perfectly tempered water. In a replay of earlier you bend down to your knees and abruptly take my cock deep into your mouth. With no concerns over neighbors complaints, I kick my head back and moan loudly, “Fuuuuuuuuck” my hands quickly reaching for your head hoping to direct you. After bobbing your head back and forth you abruptly stand up and kiss me again, your wet naked body sandwiched tightly to mine. I can feel every curve, and the warm water passing over us and between us only hieghtens the connection. I feel your breasts against me, your nipples hard with excitement. I run my hands down your back to your ass and squeeze both cheeks lovingly. In one quick motion I spin your body around so now your back is to me. I kiss your ear, then bite it gently feeling you rotate your hips and push your ass back into my hard cock as a silent approval. My engorged member sliding easily between your delicious ass cheeks, I bite and suck on your neck, reaching around with one hand to cup your breast as the other hand reaches around your waist to fondle your quivering pussy. You moan into my ear as I do so and arch your back further, rubbing back up against my cock. Taking both of your hands in one of mine I direct you over to the ornately tiled shower wall, pinning them against the wall. I slide over to your side, marveling at your wet slick body as the warm water splashes off of it. I take my free hand and slide it down your back, cupping your ass, then reaching under with a tender finger to gently probe your delectable pussy.

You moan again and arch your back, instinctively pushing your ass out further to give me better access. I take the opportunity and kneel behind you, running my tongue from your juicy cunt, all the way up to your slick asshole. You shiver uncontrollably and reach back with one hand to pull my head closer. Gripping your cheeks in my strong calloused hands I pull them apart and drive my tongue deep into your sopping sex. You moan once more, and I continue to lick up and over your asshole, stopping briefly to bite your cute ass cheek. I reach under with my hand to cup your sex with it and as I do my thumb wiggles and teases your engorged lower lips. Then, as I lick your tender asshole a little more I push my thumb into your pussy hearing you groan in contentment. Back and forth I push my thumb into you as I lick you getting extremely turned on by the noises of satisfaction you are making. Grabbing your waist tightly I turn you around again, you beautiful pussy inches from my face. I take one leg and hold it up putting on my shoulder. Bracing yourself against the wall you moan as I start to give your clit some much needed attention. I lightly flick and lick it with the tip of my tongue stopping only to drive my tongue deep into you and drag it across the entire length of your juicy slit. With your clit occupied with my tongue I start to massage your cute ass with my slickened thumb. The electric sensations pour through your body. With the water cascading over your body, your clit tantalized by my tongue, and now my finger tracing little circles on you’re tight tender little asshole your mind is on fire as waves of pleasurable charges blast through your body. Sensing your weakness I flick your clit one last time with my tongue then without warning draw it between my lips and suck on it gently. You moan loudly and then as your legs begin to shudder you feel my thumb slide into your ass wiggling and tickling it mercusly. The combination is too much for you to handle and I feel your body quake and shake as you cum hard, your warm wetness running down your leg and mixing with the gentle spray of the shower. You collapse into me half moaning and half giggling as you embrace me lying on the floor of the shower.

I reach over and turn the shower off then doing my very best impersonation of a gentleman, I scoop you up into my arms and carry you out of the shower and into the main area of the bathroom. Taking a brand new plush towel off the rack I wrap you up while you dry off and regain your senses. You look at me and smile “This was such a nice surprise.” you tell me with genuine emotion. I return your smile with my own doing my best to hide my secret intentions for this night.

Together we walk into the large kitchen each wrapped up in an oversized towel. I reach into the fridge and grab the orange peach smoothie that I had prepared earlier and had left there for just this moment. I pour each of us a glass and we rest ourselves for the moment on the semi circle sectional that partially surrounded the central fireplace. Off in the distance I heard the distinctive chirp from my phone which had just received an expected text message and as expected you hadn’t noticed at all, too enthralled with the view. Having already finished our drinks I picked up the glasses and placed them in the sink. Then I sauntered over to you, dropped my towel and in one quick motion picked you up and threw you over my shoulder. You giggle with my barbaric display as I walk confidently into the master bedroom where I toss you off my shoulder and onto the bed like discarding a large sack of potatoes. Again you giggle at my actions as you lay splayed out on the soft duvet. Like an aggressive animal I pounce onto your naked body. Taking the opportunity to pin your arms down as I nibble at your neck. Kissing up over your shoulder, then down your arm, nibbling and kissing as I go. You twitch at the unusual sensation of having such rabid attention on your arms, wiggling your hips side to side as you fight the urge to buck from the ticklish feeling. I reach your wrist and bite it, doing my very best vampire impression. The sudden pop of pain is expertly molded into pleasure as my lips kiss any damage away with sweet tenderness. With you distracted I reach above as I nibble on your wrist and grab the waiting silk scarf that has been secretly attached to the headboard of the bed. In a stealthily quick move I pull the pre-tied knotted loop over your hand and gently secure it to your wrist. I then move over to the other arm, taking time to pause and hover over your face giving you an evil grin that makes your loins burst with heat as you bite your lip in anticipation of my next move. Unsurprisingly I reach the other arm, and again slip another silk scarf knot around your wrist.

Now secured your arms are pulled wide, the look of anxiety mixed with sexual hunger is absolutely intoxicating. I move back to kiss you deeply, letting you know I’m in complete control, but also allowing you to feel safe. I kiss my way down your body, being attentive to your breasts, then your navel, all the way past your moist mound. I only hover over it, allowing you to feel my breath on your hot sex, but not allowing you to get the relief of my touch. I move further down your body, kissing your thigh, biting and licking the tender inside of your leg, the underside of your knee to reach your oft ignored feet. I take one in my firm grip and begin to give it an impecable massage, being sure to go just hard enough to release tension from your muscles but not so light as to tickle your feet. I work my fingers into the soles of your feet, and you feel every nerve ending pop and buzz sending little waves dancing across your body. You feel your fingertips getting more sensitive, your nipples aching to be touched, and your poor untouched clit pulsing with anger, silently demanding attention but not yet getting any. I expertly switch to the other foot and begin to give it the same attention as the first. You arch your back and wave your knees back and forth enjoying the sensations but not able to restrain your desire for more. Before you realize it I’ve secured the ankle of your left leg with another scarf. You pick your head up from the bed and look at me inquisitively. To this point I’ve done nothing to worry you so you tenatively allow me to secure your final limb. Now laying on the bed, your legs and arms spread wide, your body exposed, vunerable, twitching, and aching for attention. I kiss my way up the inside of your leg and then hover again face directly over your sopping wet sex. I can smell your delicious flavor and though I would like nothing better than to drive my tongue into you and drive you wild, it isn’t time; yet.

I hear you whimper as I bring my face up from your pussy and all the way to your face, kissing you deeply our tongues dancing together within your mouth. I pull back and look deeply into your eyes. You see the animalistic intensity coursing through me and you can’t help but melt under my spell. I see you bite your lip and feel the bed move as you wiggle your hips side to side. The desperation for some attention is slowly building within you. I lower my lips to your ear and whisper, “Now my dear, now it’s time for your punishment.” I return my gaze to yours and see your eyes wide in wild trepidation. I give you a wink and smirk evily, raising off your body to stand next to the bed looking at you up and down admiring my work. Almost on cue we both hear the ding of the elevator arriving. You flash a fearful look at me and I just smile. Moments later your friend from the market arrives in the bedroom. Dressed in jet black halter top, a short purple skirt, and black knee high boots. In her hand she carries a black bag that seems to have some weight to it as she drops it to the ground. “Well hello there honey.” I hear you whimper quietly through your smile. Obviously you’re happy to see her, but you can’t help but be concerned, instinctively your eyes dart to the bag now resting on the floor as your mind plays through possible scenarios of what may be resting within it.

“So here are the rules of the game,” I begin, hands on my hips, stern look on my face, and a raging hardon swinging between my legs. “Rule number one; you’re not allowed to cum until we say you can.” and I can’t help but smile as you almost look like you’re going to cry.

“If you do cum, you will be punished.” your friend continues silkily. “in a manner of our choosing.”

“If you are losing control, and feel like you’re going to cum, you must ask our permission.” I order gently.

“And if we feel you have earned it, we’ll give you that release. But if we feel like you haven’t, you’ll continue to be teased mercilessly until we deem you ready.” she finishes, her arm on my shoulder and a single long feather in her hand.

Your eyes dart from side to side looking at both of us, then to your legs and arms. You wiggle only slightly at the thought of how much teasing you will be enduring, but simultaneously the devilish realization creeps through your mind that tonight will be tortuous, but unimaginably exciting.

I look over to my new partner in crime and she meets my gaze with a smirk. Nodding my head over to you she gets the message and starts making her way over to the bed. With the feather outstretched she draws it up your tethered foot, causing you to giggle slightly as you fight the ticklish feeling emanating from your exposed feet and up your legs. The feather then moves to the other foot, and as it does I’m close behind once more grabbing your foot and beginning to massage it gently in my strong hands. I can see your face tense up, then release, then tense again as you fight against the opposing sensations of being gently tickled and deeply massaged on both feet. As you start to shake and contort your face further your purple skirted lover crawls up onto the bed drawing the feather up the inside of your leg as she goes. I can’t help but stare at her cute pantyless ass as she draws the feather further up your leg, hovering over your outstretched trapped legs on hands and knees. I grab both feet now, one with each hand, massaging the arch of your foot and sending shivers down your legs. Simultaneously the light dusting of the feather is tantalizing your increasingly sensitive skin on your inner thighs. Again you twitch and I see you close your eyes hard and bite your lip. I can see in your face that you’re aching for more. With nearly perfect timing, just as you were looking like you were going to scream out for more the feather reaches your poor untouched but nearly dripping pussy.

Despite your agonized moan of desperation, the feather only dances over your exposed sex, flicking lightly at your clit before returning down your thigh. I grin in mischievous satisfaction seeing your legs wave back and forth a little as you clench and unclench your fists. Without warning I lower my mouth to the back of your ankle and bite. The shock of it startles you, but as I morph my attention from bites to gentle sucking and kissing I look up at you and see your head roll side to side, your mouth open, your eyes closed hard. The feather toting beauty then takes her weapon and drags it up your thigh again and once more over your scintillating slit. You moan in approval as it reaches your aching wanting pussy, but you’re not in charge here. The feather continues its journey up your body, tickling your belly button, then to the underside of your breasts. You groan louder now as both your quivering cunt and breasts are screaming at you for more attention. Your nipples are hard as diamonds and now desperate to be touched. I smirk as I see your lip shudder and I take that as my cue to start working my own lips up your legs. As I do I feel your body quake and twitch. My tongue drawing across the inside of your thigh stopping only to nibble and bite a little as I continue my journey to what I can now see is a quickly slickening sex. As I make my way up, my partner in crime has decided to tease your poor nipples, lightly tapping and sweeping over each of them with the feather. As she does so she bends down and begins to nibble and lick your neck and we’re both rewarded as your mouth opens further and you let out a loud moan.

The purple skirted cutie can’t resist any more as she grabs your head with both hands and kisses you deeply, tossing the feather backwards to me. I decide immediately to up the pressure, lowering my mouth to an inch above your savory sex I gently blow, directing a cruel stream of air over your pulsating clit. As I do so I take the feather and continue to dance it across your breasts, circling each in turn, then turning my attention to each nipple back and forth, not giving you a chance to adjust. Your legs are now waving back and forth, your hips wiggling as your body writhes in desperation. You want more pressure, more attention, more touching, you want a release. Your senses are on fire and your body is alive, soaking in every single sensation as it blasts electricity through your body in a never ending and constantly building wave of intensity. Feeling your weakness I snake my tongue down and flick your clit twice hearing you break your kiss from your lover and gasp. Instantly she moves from your lips to your neck and sinks her teeth into your tender flesh with enough force to hurt, but not quite enough to draw blood. You shout an inaudible curse and I take my turn to sink my teeth into the sensitive area between your now puffy pussy lips and the inside of your thigh. Your body jolts and you hips buck upwards. I suck back on your skin and as I do I dart my tongue out to lick at the captured flesh between my lips. With the feather I draw it down from your breasts and over your juicy cunt. Waving it back and forth I feel you shudder again as a long moan escapes your mouth. Your new lover then moves down from your neck to your breasts, taking a tender and hypersensitive nipple into her mouth, only to nip at it lightly, rolling it expertly between her teeth. “Oh fuck, oh fuck” you start to squeal. My new best friend and I meet each others predator like gaze and we up the ante. I move my mouth over your pussy, hovering again, pausing sadistically over your spasming cunt. “Oh please, oh please” you beg. “Please what?” she sneers at you venomously. “Please. Oh please. I want to cum. Please can I cum!!?”. The purple skirted cutie looks at me viciously and shakes her head, so I move my head up from your desperate pussy and growl, “No.”

“Oh please!!” you squeal, as you shake your trapped limbs back and forth. We both stop our attentions and meet each other at the end of the bed. You raise your head up, the look on your face is priceless. It’s pained, but flushed with anxious desire for more. Your cute friend then looks at me and smiles, “She’s making a lot of noise there,” she states “maybe we need to do something to shut her up.” I look at you sideways and nod to your new master, then crawl back up the bed and kneel next to your head. Your farmers market lover quickly removes her boots, and the rest of her clothes and joins me next to your head. Reaching down she takes my raging hardon in her hand and directs it over your mouth. Your eyes dart back and forth to each of us, feigning concern and fright, but I know better. “This will shut her up.” she states matter of factly, taking my cock and pushing it into your mouth. Instead of noises of concern or dismay I hear you moan as you work your mouth over my cock, your hands flexing and rotating as if pantomiming cupping and playing with my hanging balls. Your master then bends down so she’s cheek to cheek with you, both of you staring at my bulging phallus as it pushes into then pulls out of your warm wet inviting mouth. “If you’re a good girl and do a good job, maybe you’ll be lucky and we’ll allow you to cum.” she sneers as you nod quickly in approval of such a test. To show her sensitive side your master then reaches down to your now dripping cunt with her hand, gently grazing over your clit, then down, then back again, feeling your hips push upwards as she does so. “You like that don’t you.” she asks, whispering into your ear and finishing the sentence by licking your earlobe and gently biting it; already knowing the answer. With my cock deep in your mouth your eyes look over to hers and you nod slowly, not sure if any admission of pleasure will result in the removal of it. “Well so do I,” she continues, moving her body so that she’s straddling your arm and has her perfectly clean pussy directly over your hand. I see you arch your back and strain as you reach up as best as you can with your fingers and stroke your lovers waiting pussy. She lets out a small moan of approval as you do, “Mmmm that’s better.” she utters softly, enjoying the tender attention of your probing fingers as they push into her wetness. With your fingers now occupied you start to forget about my cock in your mouth, no longer moving your head back and forth over it. “Hey,” I shout indignantly, “don’t stop sucking.” and you redouble your efforts as I feel your tongue now rotating around the head of my cock as it slides in and out of your warm mouth.

With your attention divided between us, we look at each other and smile in a small victory bending over to give each other a friendly kiss. Her lips are plump and soft on mine, but I know the rules and leave the kiss on that note. With my cock in your mouth, and your fingers in her pussy we both lower our bodies to yours, her mouth lowers to your breasts and mine to your delicious cunt. I have to stop myself though, and I bite my own lip as I hover above your sopping sex and gently blow on it again. As much as it’s agony for you, it is for me as well. The amount of sexual release I get from making you cum is nearly as great as when I cum myself. Taking a big breath to steady myself I then lower my tongue to your pussy and gently flick your clit with my tongue. You moan loudly despite the thick cock in your mouth. Then the formerly skirted demon reaches down to your pussy and draws her finger back and forth gently over your lower lips up and back till you nearly bite me from trying to stop from cumming. I slowly pull my cock out of your mouth and rest it on your lips as you gently kiss the teeth marks away. As you do so I look up at my new friend and nod; getting a nod back. With that the finger that was snaking back and forth slides slowly into your wet cunt and as she does so I take your clit in between my lips and suck lightly on it. The response is immediate. “No! No! Noooo!” you squeal uncontrollably. “Stop. Please stop! If you don’t stop I’m going to cum. Oh please let me cum. Please!” you beg desperately. I release your clit from my lips and look up at you as you squirm. “Ask nicely” I state cooly. “Oh my word. Can I please cum. Haven’t I been good?” you plead. Your lover looks up at me and then to you. “No. You can’t.”

That even surprises me. I love to see you cum. I love to see you lose control. Forget where you are. Forget which way is up. Lose control of your muscles. Lose control of everything. Have your eyes roll back in your head, your body quake, your legs shudder, and your delectable pussy gush with your tasty juices. I spin my head to meet her stare and she mouths the words “Punishment” and smiles an absolutely evil grin. I return her grin with my own and restate, “No. You’re not allowed to cum. You hold it back, whatever you do or there will be consequences to be faced.” You stare back at me biting your lip hard your legs and arms shaking, tears forming in your eyes. Clamping them shut you drop your head to the bed again and as you do I drop my own head to your pulsating cunt and take your clit back inbetween my lips. As I do so she pushes her finger deep into you, then slowly pulls back, traces her fingers over your lovely lower lips again and then drives two fingers into you. You curse loudly “Oh fuck! You can’t! That’s not fair!” shaking your head side to side. She slides two fingers in and out of you slowly, gently probing you with a talent I would have trouble matching. With an unspoken coordination I slide my hand down one thigh then back over the other resting it palm down between your legs and just in front of your sopping sex. With my thumb I gently push on your as of now untouched ass. I delight in the feeling of your ass cheeks clamping down which pushes your hips up to meet my tender attention on your clit. “No fair!” you scream, “This isn’t fair!” and without delay I push then release then push again on your tender asshole. The sensations coursing through your body are too much. You feel it building from the center of your body and radiating out like pulses of undeniable pleasure. We both can feel you start to lose all control and redouble our torturous efforts. She pulls her two fingers out and pauses outside your dripping sex, then all at once she pushes them back in as I push my thumb into your poor teased asshole. You jolt up at me and I suck your clit hard into my mouth and unable to contain yourself any more you start to buck and scream in agony as you cum hard, your pussy gushing its wetness over the duvet, your mouth open and gasping, your hands shaking as your toes curl and uncurl. For a moment you stop breathing, your body is so tense from the powerful orgasm rocking it your brain almost can’t compete with the signals blasting through your body. Finally you lose all tension in your body and collapse on the bed, breathless and whimpering. “You’re in trouble now,” I state dryly as she continues, “because now, you’re going to be punished even more.”

Taking the opportunity to move you now in your weakened state we untie the scarves from the bed, but leave them attached to your wrists and ankles. I then grab both ankles and turn you over onto your front. Without so much as a whimper in response you allow me to take each arm in turn behind your back, binding them together. After ensuring your arms are secure I pull your body to the end of the bed so that your torso rests easily on the bed, while your legs hang over. Placing your feet on the ground, the bed is at just the right height so as to have you bent comfortably at the waist while your feet are on the ground. Stiffling a giggle of my own I motion over my fellow torturer and point at your legs where we both see the results of round one. Your leg is shaking slightly as it attempts to recover from the spasms that coursed through your body, but more importantly there is a thin glistening line of wetness that is trailing its way down from your buzzing pussy, to your thigh, and is continuing down your leg. We silently mock high five and without warning both of us smack one cheek of your exposed ass, her the right cheek and I the left. You squeal in surprise but currently have little energy to fight back. I reach back and spank you again, smiling at the slowly reddening handprint on your beautiful ass. She then reaches back and spanks you on the other cheek, leaving her own handprint on your ass. I reach up and grip your hair in my hand pulling lightly just to give a little tension on your scalp and I bring down my hand again, this time leaving it there and gripping your tenderized ass in my firm hand. She reaches over and grabs your throat in her hand, putting a little pressure on it she does the same, bringing her hand down and leaving it there, gripping your ass roughly and then raking her nails across it leaving little red trails of roughened skin. I hear you whimper and so I say, “You know you’re getting what you deserve, don’t you?” Seeing no response I release your cheek and bring my hand down again with a quick snap. “Don’t you?!” I growl. You nod emphatically as a small tear runs down your cheek followed by a subtle whimper. Your ass now has two different distinct handprints on it. I pull you up off the bed momentarily so that you’re standing in front of it, your back facing me, your arms still bound. “Time to earn your way back into our good graces.” I sneer and with my eyes motion your friend over to the bed. She happily hops up and lies down, now with her own legs splayed out exposing for the first time tonight her glistening pussy. Whispering into your ear I silkily say, “Treat her well, and you’ll be treated well, do you understand?” You nod fervently. Gently I lower you to her exposed sex and you strain your neck to reach it with your probing tongue. As you busy yourself in your lover’s sweet pussy I maneuvered myself behind your gorgeous backside. In truth I really hate causing you any pain, but in this case it’s a means to an end. The brief moments of pain serve to heighten your senses, and allow you to get even more of a release from the waves of pleasure we plan on putting you through.

With that in mind I place a hand on each of your reddened ass cheeks, squeezing and rubbing them gently as if I was a baker massaging tender dough into a tasty croissant. I feel the muscles in your ass relax as you realize the moments of pain must have passed. Immediately after I can hear the gasp of our new third as you redouble your efforts to make her whimper as much as you just did. I smirk and make eye contact with her, seeing her roll her eyes in pleasure and mouth the words “Oh my God” before letting her head fall back to the bed as she lets out a moan. Since you’re concentrating on her you don’t feel me behind you as I drop to my knees, and you don’t notice that I’ve stopped massaging your ass to spread your cute cheeks, but you definitely notice when I run my tongue all the way up from your clit, up your slit, and over your little asshole. I hear the muffled moan escape your mouth, only to be silenced by your lover taking both her hands and pressing your face into her drenched cunt. I lick you again, clit to ass, and again, over and over as you start to wiggle your hips back and forth trying to grind your ass back onto my mouth. Shaping my tongue into a muscled spear I stab it into your pussy then viciously lick up and then flattening it out, run it over your twitching asshole. I feel your cute butt shudder a little and I know the sensations are making it difficult to concentrate on what you’re doing, but that’s the fun of it. As I gently flick my tongue over your asshole, tickling it merciously, I take my hand and run it all the way up the inside of one of your legs to rest tightly on your tasty mound. Rubbing it gently as I lick your asshole I feel as you start rotating your hips even more, pushing back onto my tongue then down onto my hand. I look up and see our new best friend moaning and almost angrily dragging your head around her pussy, directing your attention wherever she wants it. Her legs are partially wrapped around your body, and I can see her fighting the instinct to squeeze down on them as you lick her spasming cunt. I return my attention to your own spasming sex and with little warning push my thumb into your pussy while I lick your asshole and gently rub your clit with the rest of my hand. You moan loudly and clearly take it out on her because immediately I hear her squeal, “Oh fuck! Don’t stop!” gripping your hair viciously and pushing you hard into her pussy. Her legs start to shake as her hips buck, her mouth opens wide, the tendons on her neck strain as her face reddens under the strain of an unexpectedly powerful orgasm. After a few moments her legs collapse, her arms drop next to her side, and her head drops back to the bed and takes in a gulp of air, almost sounding like someone that barely survived drowning. “Fuck,” she manages to mumble, “Holy fucking fuck!” she continues, giggling softly.

She picks you up off of her and scoots to her knees while pushing you back to a standing position, staring deep into your eyes, her cheeks flush, her pupils dilated, she bites her lip and then looks at yours, diving into you for a passionate kiss of thanks. Being occupied with your lover you don’t hear me zip open the bag, nor do you hear me fishing out special toy from it. What you do feel though is the sudden pressure and titillating vibration of your favorite anal vibrator being placed at your asshole. You wiggle your hips back and forth trying desperately not to appear desperate. I push the toy up into you, but not so hard as to actually cause it to enter you. I hear you moan through the mouth of our new pet as you rub your legs together and push your crotch up against the bed, trying desperately to get some more friction on your pussy. At that point I withdraw my thumb from your delectable sex and simultaneously push the toy deeper into your ass. Your hips buck and you break from your kiss to moan and I see your bound wrists strain as your hands clench and unclench, fighting the agonizing urge to reach around and touch yourself. Slowly I work the toy back and forth as I pull it back ever so gently letting you feel the tension in your ass as you grip it. Letting you feel the murmuring vibration undulating through your tortured genitals. Your mouth opens wide as you moan again, your lover taking the opportunity to kiss and lick your exposed neck, sending shivers through your body, down your spine, through your legs, and radiating from your core outwards. We both hear you mutter something.

“What was that?” I ask sympathetically, whispering into your ear as I push the toy back into you.

“I-I-” you stammer, “I want…it.” you manage to finish.

“You want what hun?” I tenderly coax.

“I-I want you. I want you to..” you blubber out between gasps and moans.

“You want me to what?” I ask so softly, nibbling on your ear as I do.

“F-f-fuck me. I w-want you to FUCK me!” you manage to shout.

“I am fucking you.” I sneer.

“N-n-no. Your cock. Fuck me. F-f-uck me with your…c-c-COCK!” you shout louder still as I push the toy even deeper and simultaneously increase the setting from ⅓ to ⅔ power.

“Well you haven’t earned that right yet.” your friend chimes in, “but I know I have. Haven’t I.” You look at her in pain and nod slowly.

With that our delightfully talented third wheel spins off the bed to take up station right next to you, bending over the bed just as you do, her ass exposed and wiggling in anticipation. Her cute pussy glistening with excitement, she turns to look at me. “Fuck me now. Make her see what she’s missing.” she sneers spitefully at me. She then turns to you and smiles with a vicious evil grin. “If you’re lucky, there will be some cock for you when I’m done.” and chuckles as you can’t help but whimper, your own ass wiggling as hers is, wishing it was you instead. I move myself behind her and aim my thick cock at her waiting pussy. She reaches over to you and makes sure you’re looking right into her eyes as I slowly ease my aching member deep into her tight wet cunt. She moans loudly and curses. I let her take a breath and steady herself, then slowly pull back and thrust forward again. As I do so I push the toy deep into your ass and leave it there, vibrating loudly as your poor untouched pussy twitches and drips, aching for attention. Again I ease my cock out, and again I push it hard and deep into your moaning friend. I can hear you pleading with her, begging for her to let you have my cock instead. I can see you rubbing your legs together in desparation. I slide back out and push back again, faster this time. Gripping her shoulder I start to increase my thrusts, getting into a regular hard rhythm as she moans and grunts her encouragement. Seeing you’re beautiful asses together it’s hard to not just release on the spot, but I grit it out and maintain my cool, running along the edge of what is sure to be an immense orgasm. Without thinking I reach over and spank your ass as I fuck your friend. The shock surprises you but you continue to moan as she does. The bounce of the bed is giving your poor aching clit some well needed stimulation, and though you don’t admit it allowed, seeing her getting fucked hard makes you ache for it even more. I reach over once more and spank the other cheek, and hear you moan in response. You’ve begun to grind your crotch into the bed and I can clearly see you’re starting to lose control again, despite the lack of attention. Your legs are starting to shake, and your back is becoming flush. Moving my hand away from your ass I grip your friends hips and start driving into her, then pulling out slowly so just the head of my cock is teasing her then slowly drive back into her rotating my hips as I go. She also starts to shake as another orgasm is building up inside of her.

I pull my hard cock completely out of her and then turn her quickly on the bed. Now lying on her back, her legs are spread wide, her driping sex angrily demanding I thrust myself back in. I oblige her graciously, holding her legs in my strong arms as I slide in and out. She drops her head back to the bed, her mouth wide and gasping. Reaching down she plays with her clit, rubbing it in tight circles in time to my thrusts. Her gasping turns to panting, then moaning, then silence as she stops breathing. Her body quakes and her movements become erratic, no longer able to keep her fingers moving in tight circles on her clit. I feel her legs shudder as she cums hard, then they relax and she gasps again gulping in air. You’re enamered by the raw sexual display, your ass twitching and aching wishing it was you. I growl, “You’re turn good girl.” and take my cock from your friends pussy and with little hesitation, push it deeply into yours. The sudden feeling of being completely full, and getting all the sensations you were desparate for gushes through you like a tidal wave. You moan loudly, and beg for more. I pull my cock back and drive further into you, with one hand I entangle my fingers into your hair, lightly pulling as I thrust, and with the other hand I tweak and pull at the toy in your ass. The combination of sensations is overwelming and you burst out, “I’m going to cum. Please can I c-c-cum!!” almost sobbing as you do. You’re friend leans over, and with barely a whisper utters, “Yes you may.”

All at once I feel the muscles of your pussy clamp down on my cock and a sudden rush of juices run down my balls. I thrust a couple more times and I hear you squeal in pleasure, your hips bucking, your drive up onto your tippy toes and grunt. Your hands shaking, your body jumping as if it was being shocked with blast after blast of electricity. You moan and twitch and I feel your pussy pulsating around my cock. It’s too much of a sight to take and I feel my own body start to lose control. My skin feels like it’s vibrating and with little warning my insides contract violently as I thrust uncontrollably in a spastic orgasmic eruption. Wave after wave courses through my body and I lose track of my breathing, I can hear myself gasping for air as the cum oozes out of your pussy, dripping off of my cock. Slowly I turn off of your back and lay next to you on the bed. With me on one side, and your new lover on the other, I see you smirk and then you say casually, “That wasn’t so bad.” at which point I turn my head to meet your gaze and retort, “It’s only Friday night. You still have tomorrow and Sunday.” Your eye open wide and you utter, “Oh fuck!” as we all break into laughter.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Light as a Feather, Hard as an Anvil

    1. Lol glad to have that effect on you. But FYI coming up…I’m going to be attempting to reveal some character development and history of the main players…so hopefully that doesn’t suck…it’ll be less shower worthy though.


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