The steady clack of the keys drills into my brain and the day is moving so slowly it seems almost reasonable that time has actually stopped. I glance down to the beady clock on the computer screen and hammer away at the keys in frustration. For the fourth time in as many hours my phone silently vibrates in my front pocket. Casually pulling it out again I see yet another text message to motivate my day to end quicker. I can clearly see you dressed in very sultry garb standing in our bedroom. A black lacy push-up bra, your favorite thong, garter and sheer black stockings, and to complete the look your devastating five inch black suede heels. A mischievous look on your face and the devil is in your eyes. Something catches the corner of my eye in the picture. This picture is different. I can see someone in the mirror’s reflection. Someone looking at you slightly out of the cameras view. There isn’t enough to identify but one thing’s for sure, it’s another man.

Tearing through my papers like a man possessed I finish my work in less time than it takes a ravenous monkey to strip peel a banana. Thats how I felt at the moment. Primal, animal, and a bizarre combination of angered and turned on. The next thirty minutes was a blur. I scantily remembered any part of the drive home. For all I knew I had ran every red light and ran over three grandmas and four squirrels. It was as if the rage monster inside of me was capable of time travel. Arriving at our house I blasted out of the car like I was shot from a cannon, bounded up the front stairs reaching the front door only to stop immediately catching my breath while gripping the cold hard brass of the front door knob. Gingerly I turned the knob to ensure I was quiet as possible. I eased my body inside and went about the daily routine of arriving home as if I was an assassin out on an assignment. Extracting each foot in turn from my boots I then walk through to the kitchen grab a glass of water and silently make my way up the stairs to our bedroom.

When I reach our door it’s closed but left slightly ajar. The lights have been turned off but without the aid of sight I can sense the sensuality and sexuality stirring in the room beyond. All at once I hear the telltale sound of you moaning. Pushing my ego aside I then slide the door further open to reveal a stranger on his knees in front of you. His hands on your hips and his head clearly buried between your legs. You look directly at me and smile. Reaching your hand down from its current position on your breast to entwine your fingers on this strangers dark curly hair. You pull him away briefly and whisper something I can’t quite make out. Roughly you grip his hair and then you turn around showing him your ass and as you bend over you roughly pull his head deep between your cheeks. His hands go back to your hips, then up higher to your breasts. I hear you softly moan and I take my cue to quietly join you on the bed. Somehow the stranger hasn’t noticed I am in the room. However, one glimpse of your gorgeous ass would send most mortals into a dizzying spell of lust and wanting that doesn’t leave enough brain capacity to be aware of your surroundings. Something I know from experience.

I quickly disrobe at the side of the bed and lay down in front of you. My legs splayed out and my hardening cock mere inches from your face. Of course you need no encouragement and I watch you as you lower your loving mouth to my stiff member. The moment your tender tongue touches my organ, however, I let out my own moan. Incredibly, it’s only now that the stranger actually notices us and abruptly stops his attention. Slowly he raises his head up and out of your beautiful ass, his face clearly covered in your delectable wetness.

“What the fuck?” he exclaims in obvious and predictable shock. “Who the fuck are you?”

“Who the fuck am I?” I retort “I’m the guy that lives here and fucks that sweet piece of ass you’ve got your head wedged in!”

“Oh shit! Sorry! Fuck I didn’t know!” he squeals grabbing all of the clothes he could find and scrambling out the door. The stairs rumble as his feet fall roughly down them, followed by the crash of the front door and shortly after, the squeal of a nondescript midsized sedan peeling out of our driveway.

“That was mean” you say to me in a mock pouty face but you can’t contain your laughter.

“I don’t think it’s that funny missy”


“No. Not at all. I’m sorry but an infraction like that deserves punishment.”

“Oh no. But I can be good. I swear!” you exclaim, desperate to contain your giggles.

“It’s too late for that.” leaving you with a curious look on your face clearly trying to determine how and when you were going to be punished.

Immediately you go into default suck up mode, cooing up to me like a little kitten after a saucer of milk. “Oh come on hun, it wasn’t that bad.” your arms drape around my neck and rest softly on my broad shoulders.

“I guess not.” I capitulate, my shoulders slumping slightly in the dark room as a small twinkle darts across your eyes.

“Come on then, let’s go to dinner and not let this little funny business mess with a perfectly good Friday.” You take my hand and lead me silently into the bathroom and straight into the large walkin shower. You kick off your heels and without breaking eye contact reach back to the faucet turning on the jets to full power, letting them strike your back and cause a spray of hot inviting water to shower onto my tense body.

Slowly you lower yourself, grinding side to side as you bend your knees before me, still maintaining eye contact despite the water dripping down off your glistening skin. I do my best to continue my steely demeanor trying desperately not to give in to your devious ways. Secretly I realize it’s a losing battle, but to give you the satisfaction of crushing my resolve so easily would ruin the fun. Looking up at me from your knees you reach your hands up and slide them down my chest to my hips, then around to my ass as your face rests on my thigh inches away from my quickly stiffening cock. You open your mouth and snake out your tongue, first across your lips, then opening wider, you slowly reach out to lick the shaft of my cock as you stare deep into my eyes. Your hair is wet and slick with the water and your body is shimmering. I drink in every curve, every line, every subtle delectable piece that is you. The mischievous grin that I love so much flashes across your face and I see you reach your tongue out yet again licking the underside of my thick raging cock, all the way from the base up to the head, then to the tip. You pause for a brief moment taking the head into your mouth only half way then pulling back and allowing your lips to form in a kiss as my aching member leaves your loving mouth. I groan and see you smirking again down between my legs. This time you kiss the head again then lick and kiss down the side of my twitching shaft to the sensitive and often overlooked spot where the base of my cock meets the rest of my oversexed body. Uncontrollably, I shiver from the sensation of your lips and then the delicious feeling of your tongue snaking out to lick my hanging balls. Involuntarily I draw them back into my body and I see your eyes smile in devious contentment, knowing that you’re sending ripples of pleasure from my groin through my body like sheet lightning across a dark rain soaked sky.

Gently you place your lips on one of my balls and as you slide a hand from my hip to my hard dick you softly suck my ball into your mouth, releasing it briefly and licking it with a tender flicking tongue only to take it back into your mouth as you gracefully stroke the head of my cock. My legs shudder and quake as it starts to take more concentration than I can muster to stand straight while simultaneously enjoying the attention you are guiltily laying on my engorged member. Making your way up from my balls, you lick and nibble at the underside of my shaft with just enough teeth to give me a jolt of dangerous excitement. Upon reaching the head of my cock you look up at me again, pausing to savor your small victory over my resolve then slipping my pulsating shaft as deep as you can into your mouth. With the hand that was stroking my shaft before you run it up the inside of my thigh, slowly and deliberately till it reaches my balls. Gently cupping them I feel your talented hand tickling and tantalizing the underside of my scrotum as you simultaneously rotate your head back and forth, your tongue playing with my cock as you slide your mouth back and forth. I can’t help but put my hand to your head, your wet hair seemingly grasping my hand all by itself. You know you have me now. I’m under your spell and it’s only a matter of time and pressure. While your one hand teases my balls, your other hand reaches back up to my chest, over to my nipple which is not expecting the attention. You slowly work your mouth back till only the head of my cock is settling in your mouth and just as you drive your mouth back down you take my nipple between your fingers and delicately twist it and release quickly. The jolt of sensory input from my nipple shocks me but seems to focus my attention back onto the sensations of your mouth on my cock. My balls tighten up again and I see your eyes smirk as you look up at me, my sex hard and thick in your mouth. The hand that is playing with my balls reaches a little further back and tickles the other often ignored region behind the balls and in front of the asshole. The electricity of those nerves explodes and again I become tense doing my best to hold onto my cum. I don’t want to blast off too quickly, this is just too enjoyable to have it stop too soon.

The hand that was on my chest tweaks my nipple once more then drops back down to the shaft of my cock. You grip it firmly in your hand releasing the rest from your loving mouth you look at me and grin, lapping the tip of my cock with your tongue. Slowly you slide your hand down the shaft while maintaining your grip. To your satisfaction you see the tip of my cock ooze out the telltale clear liquid pre-cum. You pull me towards your mouth and gently flick the pre-cum into your waiting mouth then engulf my cock again as far as you can. My head flies back and my mouth gapes open in pleasure. I can feel your tongue tracing the ridge of my cock head as you slide your mouth up and back again. The hand that was on my shaft reaches back to my ass and I feel the distinct and surprisingly exciting feeling of your nails digging into my strong backside. Just as I feel your nails dragging their way across my cheek I feel your other hand reach further back and tickle my surprised asshole with an outstretched finger. Unexpectedly I jolt from the enjoyable but completely shocking sensation of your finger teasing my ass, I reach my other hand down to your head and try desperately to maintain composure and not thrust my cock straight through to the back of your skull. You don’t give up though, you slide my cock out of your mouth and stroke it with your other hand as you flick and lick the end of the head with your tongue. The combination of sensations is too much for me. I feel my legs quaking. I start to lose the sensation of the rest of my body. I no longer am aware of the shower, the tile floor, the room or anything else. All that I feel and see is right in front of me. It is you, loving my cock as if your soul depended on it. You’re teasing and touching me in ways I can’t fathom. My legs start to shake and I feel my scrotum tighten to my body. My hands grip even harder to your hair and you can tell I’m only moments away from losing all control. You continue to stroke my cock, kissing it gently while you do. Your other hand still teasing my balls and asshole simultaneously. The sight of you there, the sensations, it’s all too much, I feel my hips buck as my balls tighten even closer to my body and like a wash of shivering cold water has been driven across my body I tense up and ejactulate with tremendous force into your waiting welcoming mouth. Shaking uncontrollably I splurt another pool and another onto your tongue. My eyes roll back, my mouth open and gasping, my hands shake and my fingers are buzzing. I have to reach back to the wall to stabilize myself as my knees start to give out. Then all at once the release of tension from my body turns to giddy laughter as I collapse next to you on the floor of the shower. Laughing at each other we embrace, entwine our bodies together as the slowly cooling water cascades over our nakedness.

I smile to myself though with the devious thought. You think that you’ve escaped your punishment through this brief though convincing act of bribery. My dear if you only knew what I had planned. You have only delayed the punishment, it’s coming, and I will enjoy every moment of it. Something I think you’ll learn to enjoy as well. I reach up and turn off the water, “Let’s go to dinner” I breathlessly utter, with only thoughts about the desert that will be to follow.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 3 – Calm Before the Storm

  1. Squeeee – a new chapter is here!

    Wait, is it bad that I’m commenting out of sheer excitement for the next chapter before I’ve even read it?

    If you say yes, I say “Too bad”. If you say no, then I say “Good, can’t wait to read this at lunch time!” 😉


    1. Yes it’s bad because it’s not a true reflection of how you enjoyed, or didn’t enjoy the chapter. No because it indicates a sense of trust in my writing. So….yes and no. lol


      1. Uhh hmm *clears throat and tries mightily to wipe the silly grin from her face*

        That was captivating. I enjoyed how as the sir was rushed to get home so were my eyes reading along only to slow when he paused at the front door.

        Scrumptious *happy sigh*


    1. Well that is a delightful compliment. I’m happy to be your pusher baaaaby 😉

      Next Wednesday you’ll get your fix. It’s already written and ready to go…you’ll just have to wait =P


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