I awake to the smell of fresh flowers mixed with vanilla or is it coconut. My eyes slowly open, the blur of the world slowly coming into focus. Its a classic lazy Saturday morning in the middle of spring. I can smell the fresh air newly cleaned by a midnight rain wafting in through the open window at the foot of the bed. The sheer curtain flowing in and out like a silk impression of a single ray of sunshine cutting through the clouds. My eyes adjust to the morning light and I see the source of the flowery aroma that I woke to as you have left the ensuite door open and I can see you bending over our Victorian style claw foot tub, testing the water and stirring it with your soft delicate hand. You turn to meet my gaze and smile devilishly. Slowly you drop the comforting terry cloth robe revealing the sensual beauty that is you. I blink a couple of times while smirking trying to clear the rest from my eyes and focus on you just in time to see you mouth the words, “my turn” and then step into the tub already victorious.

Tossing the covers aside I swing my legs out and onto the warm carpet floor. Crinkling my toes in the soft carpet as I stretch my arms up and out. Knowing you as I do today is going to be exhausting and worth every single moment. I had to prepare. Slipping on a comfortable pair of sport boxer underwear I slip out of our room, down the stairs and into the kitchen to make us breakfast and a cup of strong coffee.

As I sit and read the paper I here you slink down the stairs. You smirk and thank me for breakfast but tell me your meeting a friend at the farmers market instead. “I see.” comes my reply knowing what our unstated agreement already was I try my best to hide my disappointment. “Don’t worry hun, I’ll be sure to bring back something special for you.” your eyes full of mystery and devilish conniving. With that you grab the piece of toast I was eating and the coffee I made you and saunter out the door in your nearly see through spring dress.

For the next few hours I occupied my time finishing odd jobs and chores around the house. It certainly as a lazy Saturday but if I could at least get something accomplished I could rest guilt free. After completing all I set out to do I rearranged some of the furniture grabbed a magazine and started to read. With the sun beating in and the ample fresh air it wasn’t so long until I fell fast asleep. My unconscious mind wandered to the previous night and how much excitement and tension it released. I truly felt that we had reached another level in this long lasting relationship.

Suddenly I was awakened to the sounds of laughter. Laughter from one voice I recognize and one I definitely did not. It came across a like a wave of giggles getting closer than softer like a wash crashing the beach as the tide came in. Both voices were distinctively female though. I took in a quick breath in startled delight, feeling butterflies bounce in my stomach and the familiar twinge of excitement coursing through my balls. You did bring me something special from the farmers market. You brought another woman! I heard the keys slide into the front door deadbolt and before I realized what I was doing I had bounded up the stairs, turned on the shower, and jumped in trying desperately to adjust the temperature as icy cold water cascaded down my naked body.

I took my time in the shower. After all what was the hurry. You had done the hard part and convinced our visitor to come over. So my job was to be cool inviting and as suave as possible despite the giddy excitement that coursed through my eager body. But wait, I quickly remembered our arrangement and my heart skipped a beat. My hands got sweaty and I had the distinct feeling that I was blinking significantly more than just a few moments ago. As I finished shaving, my towel comfortably wrapped around my trim waist, I could hear you and our new visitor gingerly making your way up the stairs. A smile crossed my face and I reapplied more shaving cream and began to go through the slow methodical motions of shaving again.

The bedroom door closed with a distinct click and I could see under the bathroom door that only the reading lights were currently lit. The giggling I heard before had been replaced with the muffled murmur of quiet whispers. After a few moments I slowly opened the bathroom door and was delighted. You, of course, have great taste. Our visitor was tall, athletic, and had gorgeous big brown eyes, subtle womanly curves, pert breasts with already hard and oh so suckable nipples. She smiled at me and waved cutely with one free hand. The other hand, of course, was otherwise occupied, caressing the well shaped ass of my partner in crime. I took a step closer and immediately was shocked by your cool devilish command, “No, you just sit there. You’re not allowed to touch unless we tell you too. Now sit there and be a good boy, or you won’t get any of this.” you smiled evilly relishing in your power over me. “And lose the towel, we can see your cock bursting through it anyways, no point trying to hide it”.

With that I dropped the towel and slinked off to the chair at the foot of the bed. It was a comfortable reading chair, with soft plush seat and back, but with no arms. The legs were made of teak and stained to perfection and as I sat down I pretended not to notice the slim glint of metal that was hidden at the base of the chair’s front two legs. This was going to be difficult. I sat and watched as you kissed and bit your new lover’s neck. Our visitor’s eyes locked to mine as you did so, her mouth open enjoying the moment. Her eyes trailed from mine and wandered down my body to rest at my engorged phallus. A smirk crossed her face and I couldn’t help but reach down and slowly stroke my pulsating cock. Cooly she whispered into my partner’s ear and they immediately stopped touching each other. “I said you were not allowed to touch unless we told you to.” you walked over to me in a strut, your long legs accentuated by the dim light in the room. “You were told not to touch, and yet here you are touching yourself,” you said pointing to my cock in my hand. “Well it seems you can’t be trusted so we’ll have to take measures to ensure your compliance.” Here it comes, I thought to myself. As you slowly peeled my hand away from my cock, you bent down and kissed it gently, and as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the brief moment of pleasure I felt both of my wrists quickly bound by the handcuffs waiting on each leg of the chair. With that accomplished, she strutted back to the blonde haired beauty lying casually on our bed, crawling across the bed to give her a deep passionate kiss.

Without thinking I pulled my hand to my stiff cock only to be held back by the newly clasped handcuffs. I bit my lip in frustration but could not take my eyes from the scene in front of me. I watched as you entwined yourself with your new found toy, an erotic mesh of sultry female skin, long hair and the absolute essence of beauty. You kissed and explored her body with wild abandon causing her to writhe uncontrollably with the barrage of sensations. I watched as you turned her over so she faced me, lying down, her eyes met mine then once again trailed to my erection. She smirked once more and sighed. You were at her feet then, massaging them gently, rubbing them and giving her the attention that feet never know they crave. She squirms on the bed, pushing her crotch into the bed trying to get some stimulation to her moistening mound. I watch as you make your way up her body, licking and biting as you go. Over her calves, the back of her knee, the inside of her thigh, across her deliciously rounded ass. You stop to playfully bite her ass, and when she jumps a little you spank her and kiss the red spot you just made. Up across her lower back, your tongue wiggles back and forth, I see her shudder uncontrollably as I myself shudder. I’m aching in my spot. I want to join you so badly. I want to give you all the attention you’re giving her. I want to dazzle you with my own talented tongue. Then when you’re both so worked up you can no longer take the sweet teasing I would ravage you both in turn, causing great glorious orgasms over and over. But I can’t! I’m trapped. I’m stuck here aching for you. Aching for your new friend. Aching to give my attention to you and her, aching to get any attention from you. I squirm in my chair making it audibly squeak in defiance. You look up from her back that you were kissing and smile viciously at me. Then you sweep her hair to the side and dive into the back of her neck. The sudden attack of your lips, and tongue on the sensitive area where your hair meets your neck causes her to moan and shudder again. She turns her head to meet you, only to have her ear bitten and licked. She moans again, pushing her pussy harder into the bed, desperately wanting more.

She turns completely to meet you, kissing you like an animal starved for water. I watch as she wraps her legs around your waist and tries to pull you closer. Her chest heaves as she tries to catch her breath and as she gulps in as much air as she can, you dive down to her breasts and ensnare a diamond hard nipple in between your lips. She moans even louder now, her hands go down to direct your head as you tease her nipple with your tongue, then nip it gingerly with your teeth as you suck it back into your mouth. Before she can react you move back up to her neck, licking, kissing, biting. I can see she’s losing control. She’s panting now, shaking, shuddering, writhing under the tortuous attention of your loving mouth. I can already tell what is going to happen next. With the speed of a coiled snake you snap back to face her now dripping cunt, and without delay drag your talented tongue from her tight ass all the way up her slit to her pulsing clit. You’re rewarded with an agonizing scream of pleasure as she cums, writhing around and grabbing for the bedsheets in some vain attempt to regain control. You lick her again, gently this time, allowing her some semblence of a rest. I can’t help but twitch uncontrollably in my seat. My arms strained against the handcuffs, my cock painfully hard and desperate for attention, any attention at all.

You raise your head from her dripping crotch, her juices clearly running down your face, down your neck, and over your breasts. The shimmer captured beautifully in the new moonlight. You smile again at me, like a keen wolf proud of its first kill. You voratiously wipe her wetness from your face and crawl off the bed. She’s still unaware of what’s happening but you let her know. Grabbing her by the hair, you pull her off the bed down in front of me. She’s still in a daze and clearly under your spell. “What do you think, my dear. Do you think he’s deserved a reward for being so patient?” you sneer vilely. My cock is inches from her face now, pulsating, red, and angry. With each beat of my heart you can see the head expand and contract. She looks at my cock, and I see her lick her lips, then she looks at you, and nods. You look at me and smile, “go ahead then” as you release her head. She drops to my cock with a start and engulfs my thick cock with her warm wet mouth, her tongue working around it as she does. I can’t help but gasp and buck uncontrollably, the clicking of the metal handcuffs ringing in my ears. I kick my head back and moan, my balls are twitching I can feel the familiar tightening and I move my legs trying to get her to take me deeper. With that you grab her head again and pull her off me. Your sudden move creating a line of spit between her mouth and my cock. It drops and I moan in complaint. She looks at you with pain in her eyes, but it immediately changes to compliance. “Not yet” you state emphatically, “You’re not allowed to yet.” You drag your new lover back to the bed and arrange her so that while she’s lying on the bed, her head is hanging off of it. With malice you saunter in front of me, showing off your beautiful legs and cute little ass. You ease your way up so that, while standing, you’re straddling her outstretched head. Instinctively knowing what she is to do, she reaches up grasping your hips and pulling her head close to you, extends her tongue to lick your deserving pussy. I hear you moan as the tell tale smacking sounds of an aggressive licker bouncing through the room.

You arch your back, enjoying the delectable attack of your new found friend, but of course you’re not one to rest. I watch you place your hands on either side of her body and slowly lower your head down to her exposed crotch. She stops licking you only to relax her neck and let out a satisfied moan of approval, then dives back into your saliva covered cunt. I struggle against my restraints once again. My cock is painfully hard and aching to dive into anyone that will let me. I long to even just touch myself, to get some sort of attention, some sort of release. My senses are on fire, it’s as if I can feel every hair of on my body standing on end. My nerves are hyper sexuallized, my eyes wide and nostrils flaring like a stallion chasing a mare in heat. I open and close my legs trying to relieve some of the pressure, but to no avail. I’m stuck here. I’m tortured, I’m teased, and though it’s causing me to shake with want, I can’t help but subtly enjoy it. You turn to meet my longing gaze, smiling with your evil temptress smile. You wiggle your delicious little ass at me, a mere couple of feet out of my reach, but I can’t reach you. Winking at me you go back down on your lover and give her some more delightful tongue attention. I’m jealous beyond belief.

Slowly though you work your way back up her body, taking slow miniscule steps back as you do. You kiss her legs, then her stomach, lick her navel, then up to her breasts. You suck one nipple, then the other, then kiss up to her shoulders, her neck, then finally you are face to face with her and as you cup her head to support her you kiss deeply with as much passion as you would for any man. I’m distracted though. I can’t help but gaze at your ass now inches in front of me. When you backed up to kiss her, you backed up closer to me. I can smell your sweet sex. The aroma of your pussy filling my nose causing my heart rate to drive upward even further. The back of your legs are now in contact with the front of mine, your ass hovering above my knees, wiggling back and forth as you kiss our treasured guest. I want to reach out and grab you. I want to latch on to your hips with my strong hands and pull you back to meet me. I want to drive my tongue into you, lick your pussy, lick your ass, kiss and bite you, suck on your clit from behind, anything, everything. I want it all. I want to do it all.

Likely sensing my tense body shaking beneath you, I bite my lip as I see you stop kissing her. You turn your head to look at me, then ever so slowly, bend at the knee, lowering your sex mere inches from mine. My cock grazes the glistening slit of your fragrant pussy and you pull back up again. “FUCK!” I scream without thinking, “FUCK FUCK FUUUUCCCK!” I shout. But you just smile at me, give me a mock pouty face then turn your attention back to our horrible guest. I feel resentment growing in me. Anger, frustration, and sexual agony course through my veins. I want your attention. I deserve your attention. I want to punish you both for abandoning me here in this chair. I want to feel good, but more than that, I want to punish you with my cock. I want to drive it into you. I want to fuck you both within an inch of your lives as punishment for this treatment. “FUCK!” I shout again and all I hear is giggling from you both.

You stand up again and turn to smile at me. Your naked body intoxicating in the dim light. Every curve accentuated by light and shadow. Every morsel of your body I want to devour. I twitch again uncontrollably and I watch as you walk slowly to our walk-in closet, opening the door and disappearing inside. Our guest has now sat up straight. She’s at the edge of the bed now, her legs spread wide, a look of contentment on her face. Her golden hair is tousled and out of place falling messily down over her shoulders covering her breasts haphazardly. I watch as she bites her lip and runs her hand slowly down her body, over her breasts, stopping to cup one. Her eyes are not looking into mine though, she’s staring at my engorged cock, like a ravenous wild dog after a piece of meat. Her hand reaches her pussy and she starts to play with herself, still staring at my rock hard phallus. Abruptly she stops. She looks at me directly with a devious twinkle in her eye. Slinking off the bed she approaches me on hands and knees, never breaking eye contact. She’s moving like a cat, licking her lips and moving forward in slow deliberate motions. Out of the corner of my eye I see you’ve returned to the room, a collection of toys in your hands and a smirk drawn across your face. I break my gaze into her eyes to look at you and the moment I do she pounces on my cock, engulfing it into her hot, wet, and tender mouth. I gasp uncontrollably. The sudden sensation of being touched is almost too much. I strain against the handcuffs and fight against the desperate urge to thrust my cock through the back of her skull. Our guest certainly has a talented mouth. Her tongue dancing over my engulfed organ tantalizingly touching and teasing the head as she moves her head lovingly up and down. My balls twitch again and my eyes snap open in shock. I look desperately at you. I’m losing control. Knowing what’s happening you stride over to our guest and yank her off my cock roughly. “Now now, don’t be greedy.” you chastise mockingly. Then you turn to me and say “Bad boy.” slapping the head of my cock with your outstretched hand. Not enough to cause pain, but enough to shock me out of cumming too quickly.

You smile at me again and I see that you’ve strewn numerous toys across the bed. Your lover giggles but you stifle the giggle throwing her onto the bed roughly. She lands face first and as she starts to right herself, her ass comes up in the air. You spank it once and she doesn’t move. You spank it again and she twitches, pulls away, and then pushes her ass back at you. She’s on her hands and knees now. Completely under your control. With one hand on her ass, you slowly reach for one toy and then another, clearly going through a selection process right in front of her. She doesn’t move, until you pick up the anal beads. At that point I see her squirm a little. It was a test. Now you know the toy she fears, so now you know the toy you have to use. A nervous giggle squeaks out from her as you reposition yourself back behind her ass. You gently caress her cute butt with your hand, running it over the red marks you just left moments before. Gripping both of her cheeks in your hands you pull them apart slightly then run your tongue up from her dripping cunt to her ass, then back down again. She moans and wiggles but does not try to get away. Once more you lick, up, then back down as her body softly shivers in delight. Then you lick once more, flicking and licking more at her tender asshole. She giggles again wiggles her cute ass in approval. Gently you rub your finger over her ass pushing but not penentrating, not yet. She pushes back to meet you and you pull your finger away to replace it with your tongue. As you lick her asshole a little more I watch in agony as you slide your finger into her unexpecting pussy. Her head jolts up and back as she lets out a moan unconsciously pushing back onto your finger and tongue. Slowly you work your finger in and out as you continue to give constant attention to her ass. Reaching back with your free hand you pick up the beads and then lay them across her back. Moving them over her like a snake I can see her shiver again at the new sensation. She arches her back and you drive a second finger into her cunt, as she gasps with the sudden shock of the second finger, you push the first bead into her now welcoming asshole. Sliding your fingers out of her you repeat the process again, driving your fingers back in, and pushing the next bead into her ass until all but one bead has been pushed up her cute little asshole.

With that accomplished you grab her leg and yank it from its position so her body collapses to one side. I smile to myself knowing how you learned that move. Grabbing the other leg you whip it across so that now the poor startled woman is staring up at you, her legs spread wide, with a colorful bead sticking out of her butt. You then reach over her leg to another toy and while holding it above her face you turn it on, then set it to maximum just to show her what she’s in for. Turning back off you drag it down over her shuddering body, across her nipples, over her navel, down over her engorged clit at which point she gasps. Then you turn to me and take the toy into your mouth, sucking and licking it the way you know I would love it right now. She’s staring at you now, licking her lips in anticipation. You return her gaze and while looking deep into her eyes you ease the toy gently into her. She lets out a moan as you push it into her at an agonizingly slow rate. Even I feel for her as I can see you’re torturing her too. I find myself wishing I was that toy, that I was driving into her now, causing her to buck and writhe and demand more. You ease the toy out again and I can see it’s glistening, drenched with her juices. Once more you slowly push the toy back into her and once more she moans, then again, out, then again in. You repeat it a few more times and as soon as she feels your rhythm and begins to grind into your toy, you stop. Her head bolts up and her face is painted with a pained expression. You smirk, and with no warning, turn the toy on to half of its maximum and slowly ease it back into her. I can’t help but smile with her reaction. She grips the bedsheets desperately, arching her back and moaning loudly as she rotates her hips, grinding into the toy. As you slide the toy in and out of her you reach down and gently tug on the remaining visible bead letting her feel the sensation in her ass, but not so hard as to pull it completely out. I’ve seen this technique before. After all, I’d like to believe I perfected it. Strange to be shackled in the corner and while I know what is coming next, not being able to participate. Again the frustration washes over me like the blast of ash from an exploding volcano, hot, fast, and all consuming. I twitch in my seat, jerking my body trying to give some sensation to my aching lonely cock. Just as I sigh in frustration I see you look to me and wink. I stop immediately and pay attention. Then with a skill that only comes with practice you push the toy into her, turn it to ¾ power, dive down to lick her pulsating clit, and simultaneously slowly pull the first bead out of her now spasming asshole. She loses it. Her head thrashing side to side, she pulls at the sheets as if her life depended on it, and then lets out a unsettling moan that morphs into a squeal of delight. We both hear her gasp and gulp air in as she twitches from an electric and shocking orgasm. Just as she has calmed herself, you repeat the process, driving the toy into her a few more times, then dive down to lick her clit, only this time sucking it into your mouth as you pull the next bead out. Again you’re rewarded by trashing, and moaning, but you don’t wait for her to recover, you turn up the toy again to nearly full power, drive it in, flick her clit with your tongue and pull out another bead. Then without relaxing I hear the toy wind up to full power as you pull out another bead, then finally as slow as possible, the final bead comes out of her ass and she cums yet again. You turn to me and smile. Her juices clearly visible smeared all over your face, a growing wet spot quite visible on the bed, despite the dim light.

For a moment all we can hear is the quick sporadic gasps as she desperately tries to catch her breath. Before she can though you drag her off the bed and down to the floor in front of me. “Time for you to reward him.” you demand roughly, “After all, who do you think taught me that trick.” you tell her laughingly. Clearly enraptured with the effects of your loving she drops her head to my lap like a drowning man to dry land. I feel my eyes roll back in my skull as she engulfs my cock with her mouth once again. My head snaps back and I breathe in deeply. Opening my eyes I see you staring at me, devious and delicious. You drop to my neck and start to bite and lick, moving from my throat, to my ears, then back to my neck sending shivers throughout my body. You kiss me and our tongues meet for the first time today and I’m rewarded with the tantalizing taste of your new lovers pussy all over your lips. She is doing her best right now, trying as she might to take all of me into her mouth, but it’s a losing battle. I appreciate the effort, but she’s still got a lot to learn. If I’m lucky, you’ll let me teach her some time. Briefly you stop kissing me and pull my head up so I can watch her suck on the head of my fat cock. Silently you sneak away and before I realize it I hear the telltale sounds of the metal handcuffs clinking and at once they are open. As they drop to my side I seize the opportunity and pick up our new guest by the waist. Gripping her tightly I hold her at nearly shoulder height as she looks at me in fear, I throw her onto the soft welcoming mattress of our King sized bed.

After coming to rest, her legs and arms are splayed out before me her eyes meet mine and I see in them both equal parts fear as desire. She trails her eyes down my body, from my wide shoulders, my strong arms, down my chest, to stop and stare at my angry looking cock which seems to be staring right back at her. I feel you slink up behind me and you reach around my body to grasp my cock in your hand, your lips kiss your way up my heavily muscled back, up to my neck till you reach my ear. You whisper into it and the silky sultry words ooze off your lips into my ear like fresh honey off the wax. “She’s ready. Fuck that tight little cunt of hers.” I turn to you and smile my own evil smile and kiss you deeply. Slowly I reach out and grasp her ankles with each hand. With a jolt I drag her body to the edge of the bed. The fear and excitement is oozing from her body and now she can feel my cock resting heavily on her pulsating clit. I slide myself back and forth gently, getting slick with her wetness. Then, while staring straight through her, I push just the head of my thick cock between her puffy lower lips. She moans and reaches for my waist, silently asking for more. I pull the head out a little, then push it back in, never deeper than the head. She bites her lip in agony of this torture. You’ve already got her so wound up. She wants it deep. She wants it hard. She wants to be fucked through the bed. She wants to be pushed to her limits. One last time I pull back, and slide my cock back and forth on her clit and then without further warning drive my entire length deep into her and hold it there as she spasms on me. I smile to myself quietly as I feel her gushing wetness running down my balls to my leg. My smile quickly evaporates though as I feel your tongue running up the inside of my leg, all the way up to my balls. A shiver darts across my body up and down the inside of my legs and I spastically thrust back into her. Pulling slowly back again I feel your tongue on my balls again, gently taking one into your mouth, then you release and I drive into her again. Once more I pull out and you lick my balls, then lick back up to my ass and tickle my asshole with your tongue. The foreign feeling of your tongue on my ass, while shocking, simultaneously is exciting. I grip her waist and then drive back into her, harder and faster this time.

I feel your body slink away from mine as I continue to thrust. Your hair brushes my back sending shivers coursing through my body and then I feel your lips on my ear again. “Fuck her hard baby. Make her squeal. Make her beg for more.” You whisper silkily. Then I feel your lips trail across the back of my neck and over to my other ear. Biting it then licking it again you continue “Then fuck her in that tight little ass of hers.” The words leak out of your mouth and drip down my body. I feel my eyebrows furrow in determination which devolves into a smirk as I grip her legs and prop them up high and wide, driving as deep as I can into her soaking pussy. I feel you slink away from my back and over to our lucky guest. Crawling over the bed you reach her open mouth and bite her lip to let her know you’re there. She responds in kind, grabbing you with one hand as the other braces her body by gripping the bed sheets and kissing you pushing her tongue into your mouth. Her head jerks back and forth as each of my thrusts drives her further into the bed. You pull back from her kiss to lick her nipples, then pinching one while sucking on the other. She arches her back and moans loudly again. You move again from her breasts, down her stomach to her wet crotch. Mere inches away from my thrusting cock you reach your tongue out to tease her as I fuck her even harder. Without warning you dive onto her clit and suck it into your mouth while I drive and she starts to shudder. She’s mumbling something unintelligible between gasps. Then while shaking her head violently from side to side she screams “Oh fuck….I’m cumming!”. Her legs spasm in my hands and I feel her pussy gush with even more wetness. Seeing the opportunity I rapidly pull out and place the head of my cock at her tight wet asshole. She cocks her head up briefly and mumbles “No.” but it’s in mock protest, because as I push my cock past her tight ass she cocks her head up again and shouts “Fuck yes! Fuck my virgin ass!”

Easing my thick cock into her I can feel her twitch and spasm inside as she mumbles and moans. Gently I slide back out, then again back in, rewarded with another moan of contentment. Out of the corner of my eye I see you have grabbed something in your hand. You’ve got the toy you were using on her before, it’s resting between your legs, humming loudly. You look into my eyes and mouth the words “This is why I love you” and then kick your head back cumming hard, biting your lip and undulating your hips back and forth. I stop thrusting for a moment, trying to regain some semblance of control. The mere sight of you getting off in front of me is intoxicating. My balls twitch and ache. I’ve been so hyper aroused since you trapped me on the chair that I’m finding it difficult to maintain my composure. Then your eyes fly open and you stare at me in anger, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” I look at you, my mouth open and no words come to mind. “You’re just the cock. That’s why you’re here. If you’re not going to fuck her, you’re no good to either of us and you can sit back down on the chair. Would you like that?” My eyes open wide in only slightly feigned fear, and I drive my cock deep into her ass resulting in a squeal of mixed pain and pleasure. I see you smile in approval as you crawl back over to her, gently placing your knees on either side of her face and lowering your sopping sex over her open gasping mouth. Instinctively she reaches her tongue out to probe your tasty cunt. Her view obscured you look at me and smirk, waving the toy in front of me. I can’t help but chuckle quietly to myself. I slow my thrusts to an agonizing pace, amusing myself with her squirming, trying to get more action. Just as I start to pick up speed again and she starts to moan, you put the toy on her clit and set it to ¾ power. She jumps from the sudden sensation and I can feel her tighten on my cock like a mini vice. Before she can recover you take the toy off her clit and then push it deeply into her pussy. As you push it deeper I push my own cock deep into her ass. She writhes and moans as the sensations of being so full, so complete so overwhelmed, so overpowered, cascade through her spasming body. She shakes, gasps, and squeals as she continuously cums over and over as you and I both fuck her. The sight of it is too much for you and I see you lower your cunt over her face and grind into her open mouth, your wetness covering her face as you cum hard. With your hands on either side of her hips, your pussy smothering her face, you continue to cum but look at me, fighting to regain focus long enough to say “Cum for me mother fucker!” and with no further encouragement needed I pull out of her spasming ass and blast my voluminous load all over her stomach, your hanging breasts, and your neck. The shockwave blasts through my body as my hips cock and thrust uncontrollably. I feel my skin buzzing as if set afire with the burning flames of ecstasy. My fingers twitch, my back spasms and my arms shudder as I feel myself lose understanding of where and when I am. Then like a bolt of lightening blasting through the sky I’m snapped back to reality as we all collapse in a heap on the bed, a mess of spasming flesh, oozing sex, and utter contentment.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Honored Guest

            1. That does sound quite ornamental. The Judge Dredd thing was more of a joke name…like naming a Great Dane Tiny Tim…still…I think you should name it. Do you have names for the others?


  1. Well now I’m curious as to what Sebastian and Buddha look like..as well as “nameless”…next time …take pictures of them and blog about that…your secret lovers 😉 lol


  2. Wow! thanks for telling me about your blog. I cant stop reading! and like the other blogger said, def taking my laptop to bed 🙂 love how descriptive you are.


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