No names

When I’m writing I don’t like names. I prefer pronouns over anything else. If you’re wondering why, the answer is quite simple. Every name has some baggage attached to it. If I call a character “Sarah” you may think of Sarah; the girl you knew in high school that treated you like dirt. If I call a character “John”, immediately he may be a WASP in your mind’s eye. If the characters are he, she, they, them, etc, you fill in some of the details yourself. You can now fill in some of your own details where I have missed some, purposefully or otherwise.

The trouble is that when writing a longer piece of fiction I’ve found this becomes nearly impossible to maintain. Names have to be used, and the fantasy that may be shared now becomes one that you’re simply observing. If you like what I write, and enjoy it, I encourage you to do your best to cast away previous experiences and preconceptions that may be associated with names. I think this is the best way to envelope yourself in the fantasy and become a part of the story.

Of course, this is simply my opinion on the matter. If you agree or disagree you’re right. Feel free to let me know what your opinion is as well. I think that sharing, observing, and learning from others is the best way to experience life, and the quickest way to becoming a more loving, understanding, and wise person.




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