From the Unknown

To You,

It crept over me last night like the sunlight over a slumbering earth. The urge incredible. The taste in my mouth, the tingle on my lips. I want to send you this letter. I want to tell you to meet me where you’ll know I’ll be. I want to pull you close and have you feel my heart beat close to yours. My eyes to your eyes. My skin on your skin. I want you to feel my touch ooze through you. I want our souls to dance together in the low light of dusk till the wakening light of dawn. Feel my presence on you. Feel my breath on your neck. My lips kissing yours. My passion tickling your senses. Standing your hair on end. Can you feel it now? My tongue touching every curve and crevice of the intoxicating landscape of your body. Can you feel me now? My lips kissing each tender and ticklish spot sending the shudders and shivers cascading through your body like distant rain on the horizon. Can you hear me now? Whispering all the secrets my soul has for you. Tantalizing your mind with the temptation of the next promised touch.

Hold me close. Feel your heart beat next to mine. Feel your breath sync to my breath. Feel your skin heat up with the gentle friction of mine. Feel your lip quiver in anticipation. Feel your legs shudder. Feel my hand drawing intricate invisible patterns on your body. Feel my fingers tease your every pore. Can you feel it now? The urge and anxiety building within your stomach as the butterflies gather. Can you feel it now? My tongue on your tender skin speaking to you in its own special way.

I want to make you quake. I want to make you gasp and shiver. I want to hear you moan and beg for more. I want to make your skin buzz and your eyes roll back. I want to push every inch of my very essence into you and make you feel how much I desire you. I want you to know how much your pleasure means to me. I want it to wash over you like wave after wave in a never ending succession. I want to make your hips buck, your legs collapse, your heart flutter and your mind explode.

Give yourself to me. Give every inch, every morsel, every molecule to me. Give in to my touch. Give in to my desire. Give in to my passion and let go of your control. Let me take you away. Let me pull you from this earth and into a nearby heaven. Accept it. Love it. Use it. Desire it. You are mine this night.

Meet me where you know I’ll be. It’s time to lose yourself in me.



6 thoughts on “From the Unknown

      1. Nicely done. And while I’m sure some men feel this way they don’t ever express it in such a way. Sad really. If only their fear didn’t hold them back.


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