I lie here drifting to sleep in the early hours of the darkened morn. My brain is alive with passionate thoughts. I close my eyes and hope to dream of you. To take you in my arms, kiss you deeply and hold you so close I can feel your chest move as you breath. I can feel your heartbeat through mine. Your skin so soft and delicate. You smell of some delectable flower mixed with your own unique aroma. It’s intoxicating. I want to kiss your neck, bite your lip, nibble on your ear and whisper to you all these thoughts that are in my head. I will tell you that you are mine. I’ll explore every inch of your naked body, kissing down from your lips, across your chin, down your neck, across your shoulder down to your breast, teasing the nipple with my tongue and mouth. I want to make you shiver. I want to make you squirm. I want to feel your hands in my hair, trying desperately to move me where you want me next. But I will not be moved, I am on my own path. This path is torture for you. It’s slow and agonizing. It makes you cringe with anxious desire. You squeeze your legs together wishing I was between them, you clench your ass, wanting my attention there. Your eyes plead for speed but you get slow and deliberate tortuous teasing. I am on my own path, I am on my own time. As I reach your savory slit I feel the relaxation wash over your body. You feel the end is finally here. The torture, the teasing, it’s done. But you are wrong. Instead I just run my tongue from bottom to top, giving a slight flick as I reach your budding clit. You only have time to emit a small gasp and I immediately turn you completely around and stand close behind you.

You feel my chest pressed against your back, one hand on your shoulder, the other on your hip. I take your hair into my hand and pull it to the side, revealing your neck. I kiss it, I lick it, and then without warning I bite it. You jump from the sudden pain and shock but delight in it because simultaneously I’ve reached down with my other hand to explore your quickly damping sex. I bite your ear and whisper into it, “You know you’re mine don’t you.” and you nod slowly. “, and you know what I want, don’t you” getting the appropriate response I take my hand away from your wet cunt, drag it over your hip, rest it on your clenched ass and grip it. Without warning I take my hand back and then bring it down on your cute ass in a swift motion hearing the quick snap of flesh on flesh. You jump, startled, as the skin on your ass starts to redden slightly. Before you have time to recover I grip your ass again, tighter this time, feeling its weight in my hand. Then raising my hand again I feel you tighten up in anticipation, I pause, you stop to breath, and as I hear you breath in I bring my hand back down spanking your delicious ass for a second time.

But I’m not a mean guy, I’m not cruel. I should apologize. So I do. I bend you over the arm of the sofa, your ass exposed and turning a little red, and I grip both ass cheeks and run my tongue from your dripping sex up to your cute asshole. I see your head kick back, your mouth agape, you reach back with your hand trying to grab my head as I run my tongue up and down, teasing and tantalizing every nerve. You squirm in subtle desperation to get a little more contact, a little more pressure, but instead you get more teasing. I give your tender ass one more swipe with my tongue and pull away, but I can’t leave without giving you one more present as I gently bite your ass.

I kiss away the red that appears then work my way up your exposed back. I lick and kiss each vertebra of your back, spending extra time in the center of your back sending involuntary shivers throughout your body. You feel your fingers and lips start to buzz and I see you wiggling your feet and ass enjoying the moment. I kiss my way up your back, up to your shoulder blades, then your neck, your ears, then I turn your head and kiss you deeply as if I’m trying to consume your essence. I run my hand from your face, down your shoulder, down your waist, to your ass gripping it again in my strong hand I stop only to say “You’re mine” to which you nod and breathlessly say “I’m yours.” and I give your gorgeous ass another spank. I see you wince a little but immediately your eyes fly open and lock to mine. With eyes locked I raise my hand once more and give your ass another quick snapping spank, slightly harder than the last. Your eyes don’t move from mine. You’re locked to me and I to you. I grip your ass tightly again and squeeze letting you feel my strength that is flowing through me.

I release your ass and reach between your cheeks to delicately trace the contours of your lower lips feeling their heat, feeling their wetness, feeling how plump they have become; and with my eyes still locked to yours I ease my finger into your tight slick pussy. I watch as your eyes roll back and you take a big breath in again, unable to maintain your composure. I slide my finger in as deep as I can and then slide it back slowly, tracing each curve inside of your sensual sex. You bite your lip and let out a brief moan and I push my finger back in leaning closer to kiss you again.

You kiss me with abandon, trying to impress on me the urgency that you feel. I let your tongue into my mouth and as they tangle with each other I slide my finger in and out again and again. I pull back from the kiss and as I do you can’t help but bite my lip, not wanting to let me go. Immediately I withdraw my finger from your pussy and slap my hand back onto your ass even harder than the last time. I see you shake from the quick impact and your eyes fly open and look into mine apologetic, “You’re not in control here.” I whisper to you, gripping your ass yet again, then running my hand up from your ass, across your back, I weave your long hair into my hand and pull back slightly. You arch your back to relieve the pressure and slight sting on your scalp staring into my eyes, mouth open. “Who’s in control?” I demand from you and you respond, with almost a stutter, “Y-you are.” and relief washes over your face as I let go of your hair and run my hand back down to your now red ass and slide two fingers this time deep into your dripping cunt.

I hear you gasp again, not expecting the extra thickness, and before you can recover I duck back to your ass and with my free hand separate your cheeks so I can drive my tongue down your ass crack as I finger you. Again I hear you moan and see you kick your head back, your hair falling messily over your back. I run my tongue up from your pussy to your ass as I drive and rotate my fingers again, now using my thumb on your engorged clit. As soon as my thumb makes contact you lose control and start desperately pushing your ass back onto my fingers arching your back and trying so hard to increase the speed, the pressure, the contact, just increase it all. You’re aching for more, all you want is more, all you can think of is more. My hand releases your ass again and spanks you one more time, harder again than the last, leaving the red imprint of my hand tattooed on your ass. You turn your head suddenly to see me, and just as you do I retract my fingers and drive my thick hard cock deep into you. Gasping uncontrollably you reach back for me in a vain attempt to get me to do what you want. Instead I catch your arm with my strong hands and pull you back towards me. I drive my cock into you again with hard passionate thrusts, making you feel every inch, every vein, every minute detail of my hard dick. You moan again loudly and can’t help but squeal out “Oh fuck me. Fuck me!” My response isn’t what you want though, I stop. With my cock still pulsating inside of you, I pull you up to meet me. You feel my chest on my back again as we stand together. You wiggle your butt a little trying to get some more but I stop you. “P-p-please” you mutter breathlessly. “Please what?” I retort in feigned anger. “Fuck me. Please fuck me.” you gasp. “That’s better.” I sneer with a smile on my face.

Gripping both arms behind you I drive up into you nearly raising you off the floor with the violence of the thrust. You grunt with the sudden veracity of my attack but you don’t try to get away. I pull you close again as I fuck you standing, biting your ear and licking your neck. Your legs start to wobble as you’re losing control of yourself so I pick you up, swing you away from the sofa and over to the wall. With your face pressed against the wall you feel my weight behind you, my cock deep inside of you. I can feel your body give up. You’re no longer trying to be in control. You’ve relinquished it. You’ve given yourself to me. You’re now, truly, mine.

Spinning you around we’re now face to face. Your back is to the wall. I can see in your eyes you’ve lost the will to fight back. You’ve lost the will to be in control. Your eyes plead for more. Your eyes plead for me to take control, and take you where ever I want. I kiss you deeply and pull both of your arms above your head. Pinning them both with one hand I kiss you again, then lick and bite your neck. I can feel your nipples are diamond hard against my chest. They’re aching for attention. I work my way down again still holding your arms up above your head I kiss and lick my way down your chest to your breasts. Lightly I flick and lick the area around your nipple, teasing it and feeling its hardness against my tongue. Delicately I take it into my mouth, give it a little suck, but before you are ready I briefly bite it. Your mouth opens wide again as you gasp and I rise up and kiss you again. I look deep into your eyes, and with just my eyes tell you what to do. Slowly you bend at the knees and without breaking eye contact with me, take my stiff cock into your mouth.

Still holding your arms above your head I kick my head back this time. My own mouth wide and breathless as your mouth lovingly tantalizes my thick cock. I feel your tongue swirl around the head teasing the ridges then you take me deeper again. Engulfed in your warm wet mouth my cock pulsates and you taste the familar taste of precum mixed with your own sweet juices. Taking me out of your mouth you lick your way down my shaft, stopping to nibble and gently bite at it causing my own legs to quake a little. You run your tongue across my heavy balls feeling their weight bounce delicately on your tongue. Gently you take one into your mouth and suck slowly causing me to release your arms and grip your head, running my hands through your hair. You drop your arms to your sides feeling them buzz as the blood rushes back into them. It gives you a momentary head rush and you grip my hips to stabilize yourself. I look down at you as you move back to tease my cock and as you do you look up and meet my gaze. As our eyes lock I can see you trying to hide a growing smirk that is itching to cross your face. Immediately I pull you off my cock and up to meet me. “No no no, you’re not in control here.” and I spin you around again and spank your tender ass once more.

In truth it is taking a lot of energy not to lose control. I spin you around once more and kiss you deeply, pressing you up against the wall. My hand traces your face, your neck, down across your breast, your stomach and arriving at your quivering sex. Gently I brush across your engorged lips and once more ease my finger into your hot, tight, and very wet pussy. You moan again, and I bite your neck again. I slide a second finger into you and you gasp and shudder. After I slid them in and out a little more I stop. You look at me with pleading eyes, desperate for a little more. Slowly I retract my fingers completely from you and I see you almost tear up. Then you feel my finger trace around your sensitive asshole. Your eyes get wider and you feel my finger slick with your own juices slide easily into your hot ass. Your legs quake and before you can respond I take my other finger and slide it into your sopping wet cunt. As I slide in and out of both of your sensitive holes you lose control again. Your eyes roll back, your mouth wide taking big gulps of air in. You bite your lip again and moan loudly. Just as you’re close to cumming I stop again. Once more you look at me, and again almost tearing up you are able to utter, “P-p-please..” but I just smirk at you and shake my head.

Retracting my fingers from your hot body I place both of my hands on your hips. I kiss you once more and then in one fell swoop, through you over my shoulder. I spank your ass once again seeing its cute reddened curve next to my cheek as I walk deliberately into the bedroom. I push open the door and walk to the bed, and with no ceremony at all I dump you onto the bed like a ragdoll. You lay there with a confused look on your face, not sure what to expect next, but you clearly are not fighting it. Mission accomplished. Control has been relinquished. I pull your ass closer to the edge of the bed and place my cock heavily on your dripping cunt. You squirm a little trying to get some more attention but stop when I look at you directly. As soon as you stop squirming I grab both of your legs in my strong arms, place my cock at the entrance to your beautiful pussy, and then pull you onto me as I drive forward. You groan loudly and feel me pull back and thrust again, then again, and again. You can feel the electricity building in your body. You can feel your essence being intertwined with mine. The energy and power as I fuck you deep and hard. I can feel you starting to gush as your juices run down my balls. I pull my cock out of you which causes you to look up quickly with disdain. You want more cock. You want more dick inside of you. Well I oblige you as I slide my hard tool into your unsuspecting ass.

Your eyes grow wide briefly and then you collapse back into the bed as I gently slide in and out of your cute ass. I hold your feet up gazing at your sexy legs as I push into your ass. I drive into you a little more then lean forward to kiss your breasts and tease your nipples again. I try not to let on but I’m losing control myself. I reach down with my free hand and lightly fondle your exposed pussy, and as I do I feel your ass clench around my thick cock. I can tell you’re close. I’m close too. I continue to fuck you as you plead for more “P-p-please. I want to c-c-um. Please” What a good girl you are, politely asking. Well I’m a gentleman, so I whisper into your ear “Cum for me baby, show me how much you love this cock inside of you. Show me how much you want this everyday and everynight. Cum for me baby. Cum all over my cock as I fuck your cute ass.” and with little warning your pussy gushes and you tense up. Your breathing stops for a moment and you shudder, the ecstasy washing over you in wave after wave. You lose track of where you are, what’s up, what’s down. You feel every nerve ending is alive. Every molecule of the air is tickling every inch of your skin. You gasp and look at me with complete and utter satisfaction, which is all I need as I pull out of your ass and cum all over your sweat covered body. The violent involuntary thrusts of my body rocking the bed as my cum splashes across your stomach and breasts. My eyes roll back, my mouth wide, gulping in air like a drowning man, only to collapse on top of you.

I raise myself up and look deep into your eyes and say “Your turn.”

6 thoughts on “Chapter I – Control

  1. So THAT was a delightful treat to read.

    I had to come check out your blog too. It’s taken me 3 tries to read this – not appropriate to read when the child is up and about I discovered. 😉

    Now I can’t wait to read the part 2. 🙂


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