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So here are the two pages. Corrected and now available for your viewing pleasure;

the Tutelage of Vinita Forthcutter

Delightfully Deviant Valentine’s Day







A little while ago I saw something online that tickled my fancy. It’s a project by an artist named Clayton Cubitt. The project is called, “Hysterical Literature”.


Now it’s not hysterical in the sense of, “Haha omg that’s so funny I lmao’d” It’s hysterical in the sense of “female hysteria”


Here’s the Wikipedia definition for you:

Female hysteria was a once-common medical diagnosis, reserved exclusively for women, which is today no longer recognized by medical authorities as a medical disorder. Its diagnosis and treatment were routine for many hundreds of years in Western Europe.[1] Hysteria of both genders was widely discussed in the medical literature of the nineteenth century. Women considered to have it exhibited a wide array of symptoms, including faintness, nervousness, sexual desire, insomnia, fluid retention, heaviness in the abdomen, shortness of breath, irritability, loss of appetite for food or sex, and a “tendency to cause trouble.”[2]


So what Clayton Cubitt did is he took the juxtaposition of women reading a favorite piece of literature while his female assistant, hidden beneath a table, teased them with a Hitachi wand vibrator. The women were to read as much as they could while under the benevolent assault of Katie (the assistant). The resulting videos are exquisite to watch.




There is nothing overtly sexual about the videos. In fact, they’re hosted on YouTube. There is no nudity. You never see the wand, nor do you see the assistant. You can only faintly hear the buzzing sound and infer from the model’s reaction what is going on.




I adore this.


The eroticism of the video is delicious but it is entirely in your own mind. Without any visual reference, you’re left to put together the missing pieces that you cannot see. Add to that the raw sensuality of an orgasm under restraint and you’ve got a potent mix of excitation and sexuality.



Now I say, “orgasm under restraint” even though there are no physical restraints holding the model down. The restraints, however, are entirely within their own minds. They are being asked to set upon a task, the reading, and continue it for as long as they can. There is nothing holding them to that task except their own will power. Watching all the sessions you can see varying degrees of success and failure, but regardless of the level of success or failure they all willingly restrain themselves and brace against the pleasurable onslaught.


I have been enthralled with this. Restraint and excitation under restraint has been a naughty kink that I hold secretly inside of me. Being a physically dominant and strong man I’ve believed I had to hold back this beast within me. But with age comes confidence with oneself and time and experience has taught me that I’m not the only one that gets excited by this. Dominance, control, restraint, and benevolent “torture” are much more common than my younger-self would have ever imagined.


So I’ve been obsessing over these videos, and I’ve been contemplating reenacting them locally. At first, I had assumed that doing so would be difficult. My old-self worried that no one would want to sign up for such an intimate affair. And yet after testing the waters by asking a few women if they’d be willing, the response has been resoundingly positive.


I’ll keep you posted on how that’s going.


For now, however, I’ll stick to writing. I have a few projects in the pipeline right now but unlike previous works I’d like to get them more polished before I post them to the site.


Stay tuned for more. 😉



Tinman gets a heart…

It seems that the only time I post a blog entry it’s either to explain why I haven’t been writing and posting more, or it’s to write out this plan of how I’m going to try to write more. Guess which version of blog entry this is going to be?


So I haven’t been writing too much lately. I have started a lot of little stories but I’ve ended up hating them all. Even the last ones that I’ve recently posted came off, at least in my mind, as lackluster efforts. I feel like I need to do something to push myself to a higher level.

I think what I distaste most of all about my writing is the lack of emotional connection. When it comes to it, I can write about the mechanics of a sexual encounter fairly well. I can set that scene as a transcript of the erotic film that’s running in my mind at the time. But just like a porno…I feel like there is a lack of connection and emotion that is sorely missing from my writing and it’s really pissing me off.


The thing is I’ve come to realize that it’s me that is the problem. Not me as in the way I write or how I write, but me the author as a person. I have been disconnected from my own emotional well and I’ve only recently come to realize this.


You see I recently met someone and she’s sort of reawakened all of those dormant feelings within me. It’s like she and I have walked into the breaker room of my emotional being and she’s started flipping switches into the “on” position. Suddenly I feel everything.


It’s been both terrifying and exhilarating. I feel that same angst and anxiousness that fills us all as teenagers. I feel the fear and dread of worry as the thought of losing this connection with her terrifies me. Simultaneously with all that worry comes this feeling of peace and absolute calm when I’m around her. It boggles my mind. I’m tremendously excited to see her any chance I get and I don’t understand it. I’m usually level headed. I’m usually calm and collected. I’m usually a relatively emotionless automaton though and it’s as if I’ve suddenly been filled to the top and sprung leaks.


I need to tap into these feelings. I need to investigate them, meditate on them, probe them. I need to understand how I could be so lost to one person so easily.


I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this much anxiety and excitement over any one person and it’s really thrown me for a loop.


Anyway, that’s enough babbling for now. I feel a little better for sharing this, so thanks for listening.






I’m going to change the pace of this site for a brief amount of time. The woman in this story is not a figment of my imagination. She is real. She is flesh and bone and she’s magnificent. Her name may or may not be Monique, and the story that follows may or may not be based in reality. I will not reveal that truth. She is a woman that I hold dear to my heart. A special friend that is one of the few women I have ever met that could possibly match me for intensity, ferocity, carnal abandon, and lasciviousness. She is the yin to my yang, the softness to my hardness. A match for me in every way. In a word, she is exhilarating.

What she looks like in reality is not important for you, the reader. As I write I can picture her in my mind. I can see her beautiful face, her sparkling eyes, her captivating smile and hear the adorable airy giggle that percolates through her voice. Know that she is beautiful to me and you can fill in the details yourself as to what that beauty could be for you.

So without further delay here is the first of a few stories about and for my darling, Monique.

Bonne Nuit ma chérie, I hope these words please you and find you well.



I looked out the window into the inky blackness of this cool autumn night. The trees illuminated by soft moonlight danced and swayed in the gentle breeze. Winter was most certainly taking her long strides towards us, but for now, we took pause to enjoy the last breaths of summer as autumn rolled on by. Letting go of the curtain it fell back into place, concealing the dark from outside and containing the dark inside.

“Please, Master, don’t leave me like this,” you’re whimpering off in the corner of the room.

“Oh, my pet, you know I could never.” I take a quick stride over to you sitting on the floor. “I adore you too damn much.”

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Heated – Part 5

Heated – Part 5

Part 5 – Climax


“I’m sure you’re surprised to see me, my love,” the voice of Anna’s husband, Lukas, filled the room. His strong German accent tainted the softness of his words with malice that did not truly exist. All the same, Anna felt herself trembling.


“Yes, my love, I am.”


“Is it upsetting to you?”


“No, not upsetting. I just–I’m embarrassed Lukas. I feel like such a–”


“You should be embarrassed, Anna. You’ve been embarrassing me for a year now and I have stood by you despite all it.”


“I know. I know. I’m a horrible person, my love. I don’t know what you see in me.”


Lukas stood from is chair and walked across the room briskly. He cupped his wife’s chin gently in his hand and with his other hand wiped away her tears. “My dear, I knew your nature when I married you. I can’t fault you for being the woman that nature has designed you to be. I have accepted you and all of your faults because that’s what love is.”

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Heated – Part 4

Heated – Part 4



Anna found him seated on the couch. He still was naked. His cock still stiff and pulsating. She licked her lips and came closer. The tv was on now. James was watching the 5 o’clock news.


“Aren’t we-” Anna began, “I thought- I’m confused did I do something wrong?”


James didn’t look at her. “Not at all. You’re lovely Anna.”


Anna straightened up and smiled, but the smile slipped from her face almost immediately, “but then why did you stop?”


He finally turned to her, his eyes twinkling in the dimly lit living room. She almost felt like backing away. It was as if he was a hungry wolf staring her down. “I can stop whenever I want Anna.”




He held up his hand, “Control over your own desires is an important skill in my profession.”




He scowled. “Listen, Anna, I know you want to fuck me. I know you can’t think of anything else but fucking me right now. You feel that hot churning ball of excitement in your loins and you want it filled with my cock. I know that.”


She nodded with every statement.

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Heated – Part 3

Heated – Part 3

Part 3 – Ice Ice Baby


“Mmm,” Anna moaned to herself, “that looks tasty.” She looked up at James and smiled. Her eyes twinkled in the late afternoon light. “May I?” she asked politely. Her hand hovering over James cloth covered cock.


He nodded.


She marveled at its shape. She could already make out the ridge of the head of his phallus, the thick veiny beast of manhood pulsated under her light touch. She could feel the heat emanating from him. Anna ran her thumb and forefinger up and down the sides of his sex, pulling the fabric closer and making it easier to see his shape. She unconsciously licked her lips. The coolness of the ice tantalizing her own skin as she did so. Looking up at James she slowly reached through the opening in his underwear and fished his manhood out. He twisted his hips a little to help and grunted as it was suddenly released from the confines of his clothes. Anna continued to stare into his eyes. She wanted him so badly but she wanted it to last. She wanted to savor this moment. She wanted to savor…him.

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Heated – Part 2

Heated – Part 2

Part 2 – The Ice Bucket Challenge


“Come closer,” he asked softly. Anna shuffled forward slowly. Her eyes darted from left to right as she regained her composure and realized all at once that she was completely exposed. She could see into an office building across the street from her. She could easily make out the employees going about their daily routines. If they only looked up and looked outside they would see her standing here in all her naked glory. She felt a surge of heat course through her body as her limbs began to tingle with anxious anticipation. This–excited her. She wouldn’t have thought it could, or would, but it did. She continued to shuffle forward towards James.


When she was finally within arm’s reach he grabbed her and pulled her close. His strength poured into her and she felt all at once that she was his for the taking. She would have wanted to play this differently. She would have wanted to be the one in control. The one dictating the pace. She preferred to have her men under her thumb to do with as she saw fit. To use as she saw fit. To dispose of when she saw fit. That was what she wanted to do. That was her plan at least. But now standing here in the arms of this asshole James, she was more excited than she’d been in a long long time.


He bent down to her and whispered into her ear, “You look beautiful Anna. Your body should always be naked. You should always be on display. Men would come from all over to marvel at your beauty. You’d stand there and smile while they dreamed of you. Imagining you touching their filthy cocks. Imagining you fucking each one of them one after the other.” He bit her ear but continued. “But you wouldn’t have to do that. You wouldn’t have to touch any of them, or be fucked by any of those dirty slimy men. You know why?”

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Heated – Part 1

Heated – Part 1

Part 1 – Spellbound


“When’s the last time you kissed someone other than your husband,” he asked. If it was anyone else Anna would have taken it as rude but he was different.


“A long time I think.”


“Can you even remember?” he pushed.




“And how was it?”


She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Holding her drink in her hands she played with the straw. Her delicate fingers tapped it from side to side before she stopped and brought the blood red drink to her lips. She stared at James. There was a fierceness in her eyes that James could see growing. Lightly she placed the drink down, licked her lips and took a breath. “It was–nice.” she finally replied. “It was soft, sensual,” as she spoke she swayed from side to side ever so slightly. She looked like a cross between a cat and a coiled serpent. “But it was over too quickly. It didn’t work out.”


“Why’d you do it?” he asked. He was actively trying to push her buttons.


“You know why.”


“I want to hear you say it.”


“Because when you spend as much time with one man as I have, you get–bored.”


“Poor girl is bored is she?” he said it in such a condescending tone it was hard to tell if he actually was annoyed with her or was still playing their little game. “You have a wonderful husband who showers you with anything you could possibly want and yet you want more.”


“I didn’t say I wanted more–just–different.”


“And I’m different.” he leaned forward on the table his blue eyes twinkled in the dim light of the restaurant.

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One-Forty or Less – Chapter 16

After several hours of working Sasha finally waved her hands in surrender. “I need to stop. My brain is mush.” Sasha sighed, exasperated. There was just so much dry information to remember. “How do you keep all of this in your brain!?”

Jonathan shrugged, “It’s easy.”

“Maybe for you.”

“It’s just mnemonics.”

“Meh whats?”

“Mnemonics. I have systems in place for memorizing information quickly.”


He nodded. “Yes.”

“Ok, teach me one of those so I can memorize the rest of this stuff. Otherwise, I’m dead.”

Jonathan opened his mouth to speak but Sasha put her hand up, “After a little break. My brain needs space.”

“Your brain needs rest and a dose of glucose.”

“Ice cream and a nap? Sounds like a plan.”

Jonathan looked at her quizzically unable to determine if this was a joke or not.

“Come on genius, I’m not joking, let’s go get ice cream.”

After Jonathan drove them to a popular ice cream shop off campus they sat down. Sasha looked hungrily at her ice cream covered brownie as Jonathan attempted to count how many nuts were on his sundae.

“So, Jonathan,”


“I’m assuming you don’t have a girlfriend right now right?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Right, because if you did you wouldn’t have jumped into the shower with me right?”

“No, I suppose not.”

“When,” Sasha took a large slurp of melting ice cream, “when’s the last time you were in a relationship?”

“With a girl?”

Sasha looked up from her treat, “Uh or whoever, I guess. Not judging.”

Jonathan raised his eyebrow in confusion, “High school.”

“Oh so not that long ago,” Sasha nodded then realized her mistake.

“I graduated from high school when I was…”

“Eleven, shit that’s right. So geez that was a long time ago then.”

“I suppose. Depends on your frame of reference.”

“So, have you been–”

“–with a woman?”


“Are you asking if I’m a virgin?”


He shook his head, “No.”

“Wait what?”

“You asked if I’m a virgin. I’m not.”

Sasha stared at the young man in confusion, “but you said your last girlfriend was in high school.”

“She was, but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to have sex with someone when not in a relationship.”

Thinking back to last night Sasha felt guilty for making that assumption, “I suppose not, no. So have you been with–a lot of girls?”

“Again, it depends on your frame of reference. I could say that yes, I’ve been with a lot of girls if I was comparing myself to you perhaps, but if I was comparing myself to someone like Magic Johnson then I would say no. Not that many.”

“Magic Johnson? Wait–comparing yourself to me?”

“Yes. You slept with that girl from last night didn’t you?”

“What? How–”

“So that makes one for you. I’ve been with more than one woman so that might seem like a lot compared to you.”

“–hold up how did you know I slept with her?”

“I drove you two back to your place late at night. I never drove her home, and when I was in your room this morning it smelt like the other woman’s perfume.”

“Jesus. You’re like a young Sherlock Holmes or something.”

“Thank you. He’s actually one of my greatest fictional idols of all time.” he beamed and finally thrust his spoon into his melting sundae having completed the task of counting peanuts.

“Ok, but please be discrete. I don’t want everyone knowing.”

“Except Iria.”

“Except Iria,” Sasha nodded. She stirred her spoon into the mushy brownie that was left. “I’m still curious Jonathan. How many girls?”





“Most were one on one but a few times–”

“–no I meant. Wait what? Most were one on one? What do you mean most?”

Jonathan looked at Sasha blankly for a moment. “Most as in the majority were one on one. There were a few times that I was with several girls simultaneously.”

“You mean–like a threesome?”


Sasha stared at the young man and just mouthed the word without saying it, “How?”


She nodded.

“Well–I suppose you’re asking how I managed to have sex with them, not in the manner in which I had sex with them, correct?”

She nodded her head, confirming his deduction.

“You’re asking how, because that seems like a high number to you given my age and the fact I’m not what you consider to be sexually appealing.”

She shook her head again, “No I didn’t mean it like that–I just–I don’t know–”

“It’s alright, sexual attractiveness is very subjective. So to answer your question, it was because of my dad.”

“Your dad?” Sasha scrunched her face up in confusion.

“Yes. He’s not–like me. He’s what you would call, normal.”


“He was worried that because of my behavior I’d be denied access to female companionship. He was right to think so. I know I’m smart, but I miss a lot of social cues and it makes being with a woman awkward. They don’t see me as a potential mate, only some nerdy weird kid.”

Sasha nodded. A flash of regret shot through her brain as she realized that was exactly how she saw him. “So, what, your dad gave you tips on how to score with women?”

“I suppose he did a little bit, but the biggest thing he did was take me to the swinger club he and mom used to go to.”

“Swinger club?”

“Yes. My parents used to be swingers before my mom got sick and passed. Normally they don’t let single guys in by themselves, but they made an exception for me and my dad.”

“Still, isn’t it weird to have your dad there?”

“Well, he didn’t watch. He just drove me there, explained the rules, and let me explore.”

Sasha’s mind couldn’t help but wander, thinking about the sights that Jonathan had seen in this club. She smirked despite herself. “So you had your first time? At a swingers club?”

Jonathan nodded, “Dad said it would better to learn from the best.”

“I suppose that makes sense. They’d definitely be comfortable with the subject.”

He nodded again, “Yes, so my dad and I went every second Friday for a while after I turned 18.”

“Jesus, so it was with different people every time?”

“Yes. Actually, men kept bringing me their wives. I guess I got a reputation.”

Sasha thought of Jonathan’s naked body in the shower and smiled, “I bet. So all of the women, all of the twenty-two were at this club?”

“No, not all. Seventeen of them were, the rest were elsewhere.”

Sasha shook her head still in disbelief. Seventeen? Twenty-two? Here she was, three years older than him, and she’d been with two guys total. One a slightly drunken moment at prom that was thankfully over quickly, and the other was her ex-boyfriend that she met in her first year in university. Since him, she had been the model of chastity, though not really by choice. Somehow after the first year, it got harder to meet guys who she really thought had potential. It was hard not to feel like she was missing out. Especially with Iria as a roommate now. “Elsewhere? What do you mean?”

“Well, one of the women was a teacher’s aide at the university. We met at the club, but then when I ran into her on campus she wanted to set up some parties that weren’t at the club.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well she had told her friends about me I guess so they wanted to have a girls night with me as their entertainment.”

He said it so deadpanned Sasha couldn’t help but laugh. “So what you did a strip show for them?”

“No, they did one for me. Then we had sex.”

“How many were there? Like, how many friends?”


“Five?” Sasha laughed again shaking her head, “You had a—uh fivesome?”

“Not really. She had five friends there, so that actually makes six total, and seven if you add me. I don’t think there’s a name for that, though.”

“Yeah there is, it’s a fucking orgy! Un-fucking-believable!” Sasha exclaimed louder than she intended. Multiple patrons in the parlor turned to look at her but she avoided their eyes.

“I guess.” he shrugged nonchalantly. “It was fun, but I wouldn’t do it again.”


“It’s too complicated. Trying to keep track of everyone and everything is hard, even for me.”

Sasha laughed again, “I suppose. Did the girls get jealous when you weren’t–giving them attention?”

He nodded, “Yes I suppose so, but they also did some lesbian stuff like you so it kept them occupied.”

Sasha blushed, “Hey I told you to keep that quiet.”

“We should get back. You need to study.”

The whole drive back Sasha sat in silence. She felt like she’d been missing out her whole adult life. Her sexual adventure passport only had a single stamp right now and she felt the driving urge to fill it up.

Jonathan parked and without a moment’s hesitation strode over to her side of the car to let her out. She took his hand in hers and looked at him. “Jonathan?”


“Do you think–” she nibbled on her lip nervously, “–do you think you could take me to this club sometime?”

He helped her out of the vehicle and looked at her passively. He seemed to be mulling over the question longer than Sasha would have expected. “I’m not sure if you’re mature enough for it.”

“Mature enough? I’m older than you are Jonathan. I think I’m plenty mature.”

“Yes, you’re older than me, but I don’t know if you’re ready for the experience Sasha.” He placed his hand on her shoulder briefly, before letting it drop. “You’re still embarrassed about last night with the other girl.”

Sasha blushed involuntarily and shook her head in defiance. “I’m not–embarrassed. I’m just–cautious.”

“What happens then if you come to the club and you see people you know there? What if you come and you see one of your profs? Or a friend’s parents? Or your parents? Could you handle that situation?”

Sasha stood for a moment, mulling over the question just as he did, “I’d like to think I could–but you’re probably right.”

“I am.”

“Iria says I need to be more comfortable in my own skin.”

“She’s correct.”

“Well, how am I supposed to do that?”

He shrugged. “I don’t have all the answers, Sasha. I’m just your tutor.”

He smirked and Sasha caught herself admiring him. “Uh huh.” she clapped him on the shoulder, “Ok then Mr. Know-it-all, lead the way.” she motioned to her apartment building and the odd couple walked on.  


As they walked, Sasha watched Jonathan move in front of her. Her brain stripped away his clothes and she found herself gawking at his nakedness. His smooth skin and slight figure rippling with cords of muscle just below the surface. She imagined him sitting atop a throne in some medieval period piece as supplicants offered up their wives for his satisfaction. At his feet, she saw herself, naked except for a couple of ornamental gold plated chains. She was looking up at him longingly but Jonathan didn’t return her gaze. He was looking at another random woman being offered to him, utterly bored. She saw herself reaching up to touch him and he finally looked at her. Sasha shuddered again, concentrating on studying was going to be difficult.